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SEC Auburn Tigers VS Missouri Tigers

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The Auburn Tigers verses the Missouri Tigers football game was played on Saturday December 07, 2013 in Atlanta Georgia at the Georgia Dome.

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The Georgia Dome was packed out with standing room only with fans of both teams having high expectations of their team wining the game so their team could go on to the bowl game with the two top teams playing for all the bragging rights to be the top team of the season. The battle of half of the game between the two teams was back and forth with Missouri Tigers score 27 and the Auburn Tigers score 28 at half time.

After half time the two teams come back on the field with both teams fighting for yardage to score a touchdown and with 8 minutes and 17 seconds into the third quarter the Auburn Tigers scores a field goal putting them ahead Auburn 31 to Missouri 27.

With 5;35 left in the third quarter the Missouri Tigers score a touchdown putting them ahead Missouri 34 to Auburn 31.

Now only with 3:23 left in the third quarter the Auburn Tigers score again to put them ahead 38 Auburn to Missouri 34.

Only 31 seconds left in the third quarter and the Auburn Tigers scores another touchdown putting them ahead Auburn 45 and Missouri 34.

And now with only 9 seconds left in the third quarter the Missouri Tigers score a touchdown and then successfully runs the football in for an extra two points to make the score Missouri Tigers 42 to the Auburn Tigers 45 ending the third quarter.

The fouth quarter started and with 11:09 left in the quarter to play and the Auburn Tigers score making it Auburn 52 and Missouri 42.

With the forth quarter winding down and with 4 minutes and 22 seconds left in the game the Auburn Tigers score again making the score Auburn 59 Missouri 42.

And as the last two minutes of the game ticks off the clock the Auburn Tigers win the game with the final score Auburn Tigers 59 and the Missouri Tigers 42.

Credit for photos given to Auburn Facebook Page.

Credit for the photos is given to the Missouri Tigers Facebook Page.



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