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Sebastian Spreng: musical painting



Liederkreis II, 2009. Oil on canvas. 10 in x 10 in each. All images courtesy of the artist and Kelley Roy Gallery. 
Sebastian Spreng: Handmade Horizons and Songs is the title of the exhibition now on display at the Kelley Roy Gallery, located in heart of the Miami’s Wynwood District. In this exuberant solo show, this Argentina-born Miami-based artist offers to the public his last series where the horizon lies as the common thread.
Sebastian Spreng’s artworks are always charged with a high-level synesthesic sense. Visiting his work is always a visual and acoustic experience at the same time. Therefore, both, eyes and ears play a trick with us. We are seduced by the illusion displayed before our very eyes, where the most distant places, bring us back -paradoxically- to the soul. This pun effect seems to be the common element behind the whole exhibition, where the contrast and amusement with bipolar feelings and sensations becomes a constant.
Handmade Horizon, 2009. Oil on canvas. 30 in x 30 in.
It is in the midst of this bipolar symphony that the horizon appears to us as a line equidistant: Nexus and boundary at one time. Clear barrier between  reality and unreality, darkness and light, the horizon guides the viewer through the entire show. The effective horizon structures our trip from start throughout the finish as a versatile melodic line. At times, while still guiding element, the horizon becomes serious inquisitor: a sort of tightrope on which we play our past and our future, our fears and desires, our hopes and our fantasies.
Delicate Balance (songs), 2009. Oil on canvas. 10 x 10 each.
The exhibition is charged with a strong romantic spirit where music where the music emerges through light and color, pauses and sfumato. Comprising eighty-eight pieces, many of them in small scale (10 in x 10 in) that the artist group together forming larger compositions where the puzzle sensation is imminent suggesting the idea of polysemic work, changing mood, and artist as demiurge, always behind Sabastian Spreng’s artworks.
Sebastian Spreng: Handmade Songs Horizons open at the Kelley Roy Gallery through June 30.