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SeaWorld orca ban in new proposed bill: 'Blackfish' starts the bill rolling

A new proposed California bill would ban orca shows at SeaWorld, a ban that many animal lovers would welcome. Richard Bloom, an Assemblyman from Santa Monica, has purposed banning the captivity of orcas for entertainment at SeaWorld. According to CNN News on March 7, this proposed bill comes on the heels of the documentary “Black Fish.”

SeaWorld orca ban is proposed in new California bill, this comes on the heels of the movie "Blackfish"
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The controversial documentary sparked heated debates nationwide over the captivity of these humongous mammals for entertainment purposes. The documentary delves into the 2010 death of SeaWorld veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau by Tilikum, a killer whale.

The consensus of the film was that the orca was driven to madness by captivity resulting in the attack that killed the long-time trainer. Bloom came well equipped to verbally propose this bill to his saying:

"Like the elephant -- the largest land mammal in captivity -- we have realized that orcas are more complex than most other marine mammals and require more space, have a more complex social structure and most importantly need their family network (pod) for a happy and healthy life. Orcas simply do not belong in captivity."

Bloom had a fact sheet that he referred to when speaking about the inhumane practice of holding these creatures captive for purposes of entertaining the masses. He also spoke about the dangers such as the horrendous outcome of the death of the trainer due to this prolonged captivity of the orca.

Bloom was joined at a news conference with “Blackfish” director Gabriela Cowperthwaite. There are currently no laws that prohibit orcas held captive and their use for entertainment, this bill would be a landmark case if it is passed.

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