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SeaWorld All Day Dining Deal: Is this a great way to save on vacation?

Sea World
Sea World
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

When going on vacation to SeaWorld, things can get really expensive. They are now offering something called the All Day Dining Deal which can help you save some money, but this all depends on if you are going to eat at the park more than once. We recently checked it out at a trip to the San Antonio SeaWorld.

Here are the pros and cons to using:

  • It only includes restaurants. You can't use it on the carts, which means no cotton candy, cone fries, or even a bottle of water unless you stand in line.
  • The dining pass does include a meal, dessert, and drink each time you go through a line. You can go in and just get a drink so that part is nice.
  • The cost for children is the same as an adult once they reach the age of 10. This can get pricey.
  • It is $29.99 for adults and $16.99 for kids.
  • If you are military and get in for free, they will let you use the 30% off food coupon on these which makes them a lot cheaper.

We figured out that if you are going eat a few snacks and at least two meals in the park it is a good deal. If you are only going to do snacks and one meal, you might get off cheaper without it. You have to decide how much time you plan to spend at SeaWorld to decide if the All Day Dining Deal will save you money or not. We pretty much broken even since we only did one meal there that day.

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