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Seaweed is the answer

If you want gorgeous skin, shiny hair, and a healthy body then it is time you get to know seaweed.
Whether you ingest it, bathe in it, or slather all over your body, seaweed is nature's fairy godmother. The Japanese diet has been incorporating seaweed for years and there is nothing like a bowl of miso soup to maintain and restore the body's optimum health.

If you have ever felt the restorative action of a day at the beach: salty air, fresh seawater, and sea breezes then you have already been touched by mother nature's magic wand. If you can't get to the beach as often as you'd like, then bring the beach to you.

Lush's Whoosh shower jelly is an amazing seaweed gel with a fresh, fruity, make-you-over scent to bring you back to life or at least start your day on the right foot.

Marine products are also amazing for boosting sluggish circulation which is why many cellulite reducing and body slimming products count on seaweed and algae to work their magic. Christine Valmy's Valslim massage gel is a perfect example of how beauty from the sea works wonders on the body.

La Mer, the very famous luxury skincare line adored by celebrities, also gets its beauty from the

Voya Organic Beauty is organic beauty from the sea with products made from seaweed from the Irish Sea. An incredible range of skin care for face and body includes scrubs, balms, creams, and face masks designed to deliver the incredible effects of natural seaweed to the body. There are also teas and seaweed baths for total immersion.

A trip to the Voya spa in Strandhill, Co. Sligo Ireland should be on everyone's travel bucket list.

Do you have a favorite seaweed product?

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