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Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl fan food? ‘Beast mode’ sausage with Skittles

Beast Mode sausage with Skittles
Beast Mode sausage with Skittles
KING 5/screenshot

The upcoming Super Bowl has fans around the country picking teams. Some fans are backing the Seattle Seahawks and other fans are cheering on the Denver Broncos. As far as what team is the favored choice, many fans don’t need to wear a jersey because you can tell by the sausage they are eating. Take for example the Seattle Seahawks fans, they probably are eating sausage with skittles. According to King 5 on Thursday, fans are buying the special sausage at Blue Max Meats in Tacoma, Washington and apparently people find it to be the perfect “Beast Mode” food.

Skittles and sausage? It sounds odd, but apparently the butcher who combined the two flavors is having a hard time keeping it in the store as fans like the special sausage links. Looking for the chance to share the excitement about the Super Bowl with customers, the weird combination really does offer an interesting take on food groups.

The pop culture element of the Super Bowl never ceases to be amazing. With people scouting for the next big Super Bowl commercial and the fans getting ready for the Super Bowl parties, it seems that the Skittle sausage fits right in the middle.

So the biggest question is can you grill Skittle sausage on the big day or should it be fried? Either way is sounds intriguing!