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Seattle Seahawks rumors: NFL fines franchise, Pete Carroll for violations

The Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll have been collectively fined more than $300,000.
The Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll have been collectively fined more than $300,000.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks rumors indicate the NFL has fined the team and head coach Pete Carroll. Rumors indicated the Seahawks would also lose practices during the 2015 NFL offseason as well. This has been confirmed in a report from ESPN on Tuesday (Aug. 26) which explains what took place here. Apparently the team violated no-contact rules during offseason practices and now some consequences are coming down. It seems a bit surprising that this is taking place, but the NFL also released a statement that further expounded upon what took place here.

During a June 18 practice, excessive contact between players was allowed by the team and its head coach. This hasn’t been explained in complete context just yet, but it is clear that the Seahawks violated a rule designed to increase player safety in the offseason. As a result, Carroll was fined at least $100,000 and the team itself was fined over $200,000. The team will also lose at least two minicamp practices during the next offseason, putting them at a slight disadvantage compared to other teams.

This doesn’t seem to be something that will provide the team with any competitive advantage for the current season, but rather a situation where the league felt that players weren’t being treated correctly according to the current labor agreement. Seattle Seahawks rumors earlier on Tuesday suggested the punishments could be even worse, but it looks like it will be limited to just the fines and loss of practices. The first regular season game for the team this season is on Thursday, Sept. 4 against the Green Bay Packers.