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Seattle Seahawks: Jesus more important than Super Bowl

Pastor Mark Driscoll......asks Seattle Seahawks "Who is Jesus?"
Pastor Mark Driscoll......asks Seattle Seahawks "Who is Jesus?"
Mark Driscoll

An assistant coach and four players for the Seattle Seahawks agreed with pastor Mark Driscoll that Jesus is more important to them than the Super Bowl a short time before they went out and defeated San Francisco to qualify for this year's Super Bowl, according to an article in the Christian Post, yesterday, Sunday, Jan. 19. Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church, posed the question, "Who is Jesus?"

During the videotaped interview Assistant Seattle Coach Rocky Seto said, "Literally, Jesus is the greatest treasure in the universe. It just makes sense. It's not like you give up your life and then you get something worse. He gave us everything. We had nothing."

Quarterback Russell Wilson said, "Jesus is love. At the end of the day, we are all looking for someone to comfort us, somebody to be there for us at all times."

Driscoll posted the interview to the Resurgence website which is a resource for Christian leaders.

Seto further said, "So it's just one plus one equals two. It's that simple. Jesus is better than anything....even better than the Super Bowl, better than any NFL career, any of that."

Offensive tackle Russell Okung said, "Jesus is everything."

Free safety Chris Marago said, "He's (Jesus Christ) the Alpha. He's the Omega. He's the beginning and the end of everything. To understand where we've reached, which is the world's pinnacle, you really see how empty that is."

Seto also said, "Who knows what's going to happen, but if we were ever to win the Super Bowl.....we will tell people Jesus is still better. Because as much as we worship this thing called the "ring" in a championship, although we would love to have one for sure, I just can't wait to tell people Jesus is better. If that happens God willing, we'll be able to tell people Jesus is way better still because you are going to wake up the next morning and things are going to be the same if you don't know Jesus."

Seattle will meet the Denver Broncos in the next Super Bowl in 13 days in New York City. Odds are, if the Seahawks do win it, several of them will still say Jesus is better.

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