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Seattle Seahawks fan gets head tattoo; asking ‘Ellen’ for Super Bowl tickets

Seattle Seahawks fans are proving they will go the distance for their team at any cost. The latest and perhaps craziest Seattle Seahawk fan has nerves of steel and a tattoo to prove it. The fan decided to enter a contest to win tickets and to do that she shaved the side of her head and got a 12th man tattoo. According to Bleacher Report on Saturday the fan didn’t win the event even though the ink is permanent.

Even though she didn’t win, the fan is hoping to still get the chance to go to the Super Bowl. So now more Seattle Seahawks fans are coming to the rescue and asking “The Ellen Show” if she can help. Wanting to go to the game the fan is willing to shave the other side of her head and put an “Ellen” tattoo. While the specifics weren’t mentioned in the new video posted, there has to be some leeway as the 12th man tattoo is huge.

Seattle Seahawk fans definitely love their team. After watching the video it is impossible not to see the dedication of the fans and what they will do to be part of the Super Bowl journey. Watching this fan get ink on the side of her head reminds everyone that loyalty to a team isn’t grown, but earned. According to New Jersey News, the teams have arrived in the east coast for the big game, but will this fan make it to New Jersey by Sunday.

Will “The Ellen Show” help this fan get to the Super Bowl? That’s a really good question!

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