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Seattle’s Pike Place Market – a unique experience

Pike Place Market is an eclectic blend of artistry located in downtown Seattle. Established in 1907 as a means to connect the consumers to the farmers, the Market continues to maintain a “Meet the Producer” tradition throughout the years. Visitors to the Market will feast their eyes upon a myriad of owner-operated bakeries, butcher shops, fish markets, produce stands, specialty foods and countless displays of artwork, in a variety of media.

Oh my, what we found on a recent journey to Pike Place Market.
Photography by Tiiu Napp
Fresh pickings at the market
Photography by Tiiu Napp

The Market is a labyrinth of winding walkways that lead the visitors along corridors of vast colors and assorted aromas. There is something for everyone, whether to satisfy a palate, adorn the body or grace the walls of a home. But beware!

Pike Place Market is also home to a very unique destination. Post Alley has a questionable quality. Off the beaten path under the area near the flying fish and the famous pig, are a few stairs that lead the curious to Post Alley. Just past the expressive painted walls of Post Alley, is “The Gum Wall”. Like the name, it is a massive wall covered in chewed gum and various accoutrements. Now, some may find it disgusting and offensive, yet others who gawk, actually find the artistic thread among the multicolored layers of gum in a multitude of consistencies. Other curious onlookers chose to donate more gum to the ever growing gum wall. Don’t stay too long and gaze to ponder. At the moment the temperate climate keeps the gum in solid form, but as the temperatures rise, the wall may begin to ooze and return to a previous form. It could become a sticky situation.

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is always involved in community events. The next event is scheduled for April 25, 2014. Arcade Lights annual tasting festival will light up the night at Pike Place Market. The event will include 70 sweet and savory food vendors, craft wineries and breweries, 16 of the Pike Place Market’s own premier vendors. Arcade Lights is 1-night only. Guests will have 3 hours to taste it all. Purchase your tickets in advance

While at the Market, remember to stop by and enjoy the fish throwing display and shop for the best catch of the day at Pike Place Fish.

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