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Seattle's most haunted places: Kell's Irish Pub

Kell's Irish Pub is reported the most haunted pub/bar in Seattle and possibly, the most haunted Irish pub in America. Before Kell's Irish Pub became the popular go-to drinking hang out it is today, it was purposely built in the early 1900s to be a mortuary, housed within the Butterworth building. The mortuary was a necessity at the time, due to a large number of dead bodies needing a place to be housed. All of these deaths and bodies were the result of violence, disease and local mining accidents.

'Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagan at Kell's Irish Pub Seattle
Ghost Adventures Youtube

The Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" has visited Kell's Irish Pub and investigated it thoroughly. With such a sordid past and exposure to death, brutality and violence, it is not surprising that the location holds so much supernatural energy. Who knows just how many bodies went through this mortuary during that time period. It is said that several patients of Dr. Linda Hazzard came to the Seattle mortuary from her "Starvation Heights" sanitarium in Olalla, WA. One such patient was a Seattle Civil Engineer, Earl Edward Erdman, who died in a Seattle hospital as a result of Hazzard's starvation diet. Erdman recorded a diary of his own "medical treatment" prescribed by her, in the weeks preceding his death.

Reported paranormal activity at Kell's Irish Pub has included glasses falling to the floor on their own, mirrors cracking or shattering, plaster falling off the walls, unexplained noises, whispering and talking, sightings of ghostly images and dark shadows, and more often than not, the sounds of footsteps walking up and down the stairs when there is obviously no one there. Ghostly images of a small child have been seen and captured at the pub, and other ghostly figures and images have been caught when infrared cameras have been used. Bar owners, employees and patrons don't believe the spirits attached to Kell's are malevolent or unfriendly, but more like they are sticking around because they are lonely or curious.

Kell's Irish Pub is located near the world-famous Pike Place Market, at 1916 Post Alley in Seattle, WA.

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