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Seattle's Kshama Sawant offers Socialist response to State of the Union

On Tuesday night, after the Tea Party had issued their rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union, Kshama Sawant broadcast from the Seattle Channel with a message about Obama’s broken promises. “The president’s focus on income inequality was an admission of the failure of his policies,” she said.

Sawant said Obama’s admission of inequality was "forced by rallies and strikes around the country" in 2013, demanding higher wages and better worker benefits. She called out the president on several issues, including Wall Street criminals, Edward Snowden and unconstitutional spying, drone warfare, and the declining medical care we offer returning war veterans, among other things.

She also used the opportunity to urge people to get involved in creating a third party—a party for the working people. “We need a break from Capitalism,” she said. “Capitalism has failed the 99%” She urged people to get involved in organizing in their communities, and to join her just-launched organization, 15 Now.

The effort was put together in the 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday, when a Twitter user @TheRiskyRun tweeted “Who else wants Sawant to give a socialist response to the #SOTU?” The Sawant team then began to try to get a media outlet to air her response. The video was posted to her Seattle City Council government page and has over 60,000 views.

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