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Seattle's best haunts on Fourth Avenue

Hotel Andra - the former Claremont Hotel in Seattle
Seattle History

For residents and visitors that are familiar with Seattle's Fourth Avenue, next time you're strolling around the area, be sure to check out a couple of paranormal hot spots at the Hotel Andra (formerly The Claremont Hotel) and the Orient Express Restaurant and Lounge. Both have reported ghostly activity over the years including residual hauntings, intelligent interactions and poltergeist-type activity.

Hotel Andra
2000 Fourth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

Formerly known as The Claremont Hotel, Seattle's Hotel Andra sits in the Belltown district and is said to have the most paranormal activity on its 9th floor, which was a party hot spot during the 1920s Prohibition Era. It has also been recorded that in the 1960s, a former employee had fallen to her death from one of the upper floors of the hotel. However, it is unknown whether this was accidental, or if the woman was pushed or committed suicide. Previous hotel guests have often complained of hearing loud parties coming from the 9th floor, but upon investigation, the noise stops and employees find there is no rowdiness taking place. Other reported paranormal activity reported includes levitating objects, loud footsteps, jazz music playing and shattering glass.

Orient Express
2963 Fourth Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134

The Orient Express Restaurant and Lounge owner describes this location as having an "Eccentric Atmosphere." Most would think it is because the restaurant, lounge and karaoke bar, are made up of seven decommissioned rail cars. But patrons of the haunted location say different. It seems the new owner will not acknowledge its supernatural residents and refuses to talk about them. In turn, overhead lights will explode for no apparent reason, scaring not only the owner, but patrons as well. Watch out when you head to the bathroom, as you will feel as though you are walking through a maze of time and space, much like something out of "The Twilight Zone."

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