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Seattle Pet Expo 2014

Seattle Pet Expo, April 26th 2014 - Free Admission

This is our opportunity to see and learn from the top experts in our community. From Celebrities, business professionals to what are new and exciting in our pet’s world, with free admission this is a day of fun and imaginations. A day we can spend focused on our pet or perhaps the pet we want to have, without anyone expressing either verbally or by the roll of eyes that ‘we have looked enough let’s move on to …’

And the best part is we can bring our best friend with us, that’s right our pet is invited in also. What if we have not made that giant step to having a pet yet? Don’t worry there will be plenty of opportunity to learn about or adopt at this all in one event. And what would an event like this be without the freebies, tips and exhibitors to help with all those questions and concerns; there are so many you will need to go to for all your answers.

Looking forward into the next few years, gone are the days of looking for a friend or kennel to leave our best friend as we go enjoying the next week or two. More and more people are taking the pets along; learn the ins and outs of this new travel and how to make it pay for you. Hoping to see all of you at the Seattle Center, April 26th

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