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Seattle mayor wants public suggestions in search for new top cop


  • Brandon Combs 5 years ago

    We will continue to post updates at as they are available; currently, our next step is to wait for a reply letter from EPAPD and Mayor Woods.

    With regard to your contention that this is a first amendment issue, I think we're overlooking the fact that such coloring comments make him a legal risk to EPAPD if he is ever involved in a shooting, and would likely be personally sued and possibly charged based on his history (this incident will be in his record). Your 1A rights are not unlimited as an employee, especially as a sworn law enforcement officer. This is not about 1A vs. 2A, and it's both improper and incorrect to make that argument. Let's keep this focused on the facts - a public servant, sworn to "protect and serve", did, in fact, admit to an *actual* violation(s) of a law abiding citizen's rights during a recent encounter (“He got proned out and reminded where he was at and that turds will jack him for his gun in a heartbeat”).

  • Spokanite 5 years ago

    Kirpatrick is a good cop and really good at fixing the big ticket issues with officers in her department, got rid of most of the good ol boys and has a truce with those remaining. However, at the same time she will back up her officers with the old Blue Shield of Justice if it will paint the department in a bad light. But as a few of Spokanes finest have found out the hard way you lie to her at your own peril, as she carries a hammer that Thor would be envious of and does not have a problem dropping on those foolish enough to challenge the truth. Open carry in Spokane is not encouraged and dont even try as a private citizen to get a class 3 weapon she will not issue the proper documents needed for one. I for one would not like to see her go as Spokane is running better with her at the reins than any of the past chiefs we have had but then we never did give Chief Chertock a chance, We just paid out his contract and we can thank the Blue Flu and the Police guild for that!!!

  • Todd 5 years ago

    Another fine article, Dave. I have to say that anyone who takes officer Tuason's comments lightly would probably feel differently if he had said the same thing about a minority. Of course, if that were the case, the ACLU would already be involved.

  • Bill 5 years ago

    Why would you want a new police chief? I say disband the department and save some money and some lives.

  • NW Shooter 5 years ago

    Just like the 1A interpretations do not allow for yelling fire in a crowded room, I don't think you get 1A protection for conspiracy to commit a felony. What the officer has outlined is his planning to use a ruse to assault and restrain someone for doing something legal.

  • straightarrow 5 years ago

    " However, to gun rights advocates, the remarks suggest a cavalier, and perhaps dangerous hostility toward legally armed private citizens exercising their rights."-Dave Workman

    Not exactly correct. What it really shows is his contempt for all citizens and his belief, not without foundation, that he can commit murder and be rewarded with a paid vacation.

    If he faces any departmental sanctions they will be applied for his telling of what they have tried to keep secret, not his contempt for the law and the citizenry.

  • Ken Grubb 5 years ago

    Q: What qualities are you looking for in a new Police Chief?

    A: Keeps track of own firearm.

  • Listening and learning 5 years ago

    "Back in the day we knew ‘em, their wives and kids, seem ‘em nearly every week in church. Most of the ones we grew up with are either retired or expired. Nowadays there’s a whole different breed out there, some of ‘em just young with something to prove and nobody around to teach ‘em proper. A lot of ’em with a whole different attitude that wherever it comes from it sure as hell ain’t based on any old school religion and upbringing. Used to be if anything was going on you’d watch out for ‘em and help ‘em anyway you could. But with a lot of it being about money anymore, if it ain’t cameras takin’ your picture it’s them pullin’ you over and tryin’ to pick your pockets anyway they can use laws to do it. Much as I hate to say it, if I were to see one of ‘em off the side of the road today gettin’a beating, my first thought would be he probably brought it all on himself one way or another. If you can’t trust a man to begin with, you sure as hell can’t trust him with a gun and a badge."

  • Liberty Bell 5 years ago

    That's why were attempting to pass Senate Bill 6590, the Keystone Kops Klassic, shown best in the Washington State Supreme Court's "Kitsap County Sheriff's Guild v. Kitsap County Sheriff"

    It "IS" amazing, that you have to pass a bill, to fire a Brady Cop, in the General's State of the Union!

    "Truth will ultimately prevail where there are steps taken to bring it to light."
    George Washington

    "Though shall not lie."

    Brady v. Maryland, a older case from a real court, effecting 54 cops in Seattle!

    Car 54, report to the firing squad room, "We the People" have a termination paper for you!

    And some new employment opportunities coming soon to a Crown Victoria near you!

  • Flavet 5 years ago

    Todd's comment: "Another fine article, Dave. I have to say that anyone who takes officer Tuason's comments lightly would probably feel differently if he had said the same thing about a minority. Of course, if that were the case, the ACLU would already be involved."

    Flavet's expansion: I lived and worked in the immediate area for more than a decade, although it's been a long time ago. I checked 2008 demographics against my memory. "The racial makeup of the city was 6.1% White, 23.5% African American, 0.73% Native American, 4.1% Asian, 11.8% Pacific Islander (mainly Tongan and Samoan immigrants)[citation needed], 11.8% from other races, and 1.2% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 74.3% of the population." (Wikipedia).

    You have it right, Todd, the perp/cop was speaking from a racial perspective. I think we'll see the SHTF before too long. There's been a shift from black population dominance to Hispanic/Latino but that shouldn't affect a rotten cop.

  • wire_paladin 5 years ago

    seattle, the land of the loopeys needs a top cop? tough position to fill since seattle they fights crime with gregorian chants . . how about euwell gibbons, we'll break the bad guys by feeding 'em wild hickory nuts.

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