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Seattle Mariners trade rumors: Nick Franklin trade to Yankees for Brett Gardner?

A trade of Nick Franklin to the New York Yankees has been discussed.
A trade of Nick Franklin to the New York Yankees has been discussed.
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Seattle Mariners trade rumors have Justin Smoak and Nick Franklin being mentioned. One of the noteworthy Seattle Mariners trade rumors has the team trying to package both players in a deal. A report from Monday (Jan. 13) indicates that this package could be to get some help in the outfield or starting rotation. Those overtures have reportedly been unsuccessful to this point. Another story getting a lot of buzz, though, is what took place on a segment of "Clubhouse Confidential" on MLB Network Monday afternoon.

Fresh Masahiro Tanaka Rumors

During a segment hosted by Brian Kenny, they had baseball analyst Dave Cameron come on and talk about a possible deal that could get worked out with the New York Yankees. After losing second baseman Robinson Cano to free agency, the team is in need of someone to play the position next year. He suggests that a deal of Nick Franklin for outfielder Brett Gardner would work well for both teams. It would give the Mariners a good leadoff hitter and the Yankees a player that would be team-controlled for six years. Gardner is a free agent at the end of the 2014 MLB season.

Many things that the latest Seattle Mariners trade rumors have in common is the players that are definitely available. Franklin, Smoak, and catcher Jesus Montero are at the top of the list of players the franchise has made available. It's not really clear what value other teams are placing on Smoak or Montero, especially when most teams aren't really looking to add a first baseman this offseason. Franklin is in a different category, especially since he has youth and team-control on his side. While there is no deal imminent for any of these players, that could change when Masahiro Tanaka finally signs with a team.

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