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Seattle Mariners rumors: Team is 'serious bidder' for Cuban star Rusney Castillo

Rusney Castillo could be the next star from Cuba to be big in MLB.
Rusney Castillo could be the next star from Cuba to be big in MLB.
Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Seattle Mariners rumors have the team very interested in Cuban star Rusney Castillo. The Mariners are one of six teams that appear to interesting in bidding heavily on the speedy outfielder. According to a report from CBS Sports on Tuesday (Aug. 19), the team is considered to be a “serious bidder” when it comes to acquiring him. That should excite fans of the team that have been hoping the front office would open up the checkbook to bring in some stellar offense.

Castillo is a 27-year-old outfielder from Cuba that has been doing open workouts recently. He also took place in an exhibition game at the University of Miami where teams were about to watch him play. In that game he hit what were described as very long home runs that showed he has power potential. That might have just increased the amount of money that teams would be willing to pay for him in the free agent market.

According to the report, one baseball official from a team interested in signing him stated that, “He isn't (Jose) Abreu or (Yoenis) Cespedes in terms of power, but he has above average major-league power.” When comparing most baseball players to Abreu or Cespedes they are going to come up short in terms of power, but even being in the same conversation is worth noting. It was never thought that he would be a big power hitter anyway.

The Seattle Mariners rumors get more interesting when considering that Rusney Castillo is represented by the same group as Robinson Cano (Roc Nation/CAA partnership). That could give them an inside track for the negotiations. As for the contract estimates, they are ranging from $35 to $55 million for the Cuban star. In the updated MLB stats, the Boston Red Sox are last in the American League in runs scored, with the New York Yankees ranked No. 14. It’s clear why they want to improve their offenses.