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Seattle kids jersey up to welcome their Seahawks heroes

Seattle Seahawks and fans on Media Day
Seattle Seahawks and fans on Media Day
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

According to the Seattle Times, Kevin Zelko, a special-education teacher at Kimball Elementary School in Seattle, got a bright idea while moonlighting as a beer vendor at the Seahawks playoff game with the Saints earlier this month. Originally, his plan was to use the discount he gets for working at the Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field and the tips he made during playoffs to buy official team jerseys for just 10 or 15 students; but when news of his fundraiser hit the media, Zelko ended up with more than enough money to supply all 447 students in his school with the clothing. To top off the occasion, two former Seahawks players showed up at the kids’ assembly and spoke to them.

How important to kids is an event like that? First, it teaches them that the adults they idolize care enough to reach out to them, and more important, if their heroes explain how, like everyone else, they have overcome life’s challenges to become successful, the young listeners get a “sense of what is possible” in life. We want our kids to believe their heroes, especially when they tell them, “Hey, if I did it, so can you!” Go Seahawks!