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Seattle is hot, and not just in terms of the weather

Seattle's beautiful coast
Seattle's beautiful coast
M. Elaine Wilson

Seattle real estate and business-friendly status is also on a roll. Last week CNBC completed its annual business ranking of top states for business, using some 56 metrics divided into 10 broad categories. Overall Washington State scored 7th. Highest scores for Washington State were given for the state’s economy, quality of life and technology. Lowest scores were for cost of doing business and cost of living, America's Top States For Business. Displacing Texas this year as the top state, Georgia scored first.

The King County Assessor has also indicated real estate valuations and new construction to be on the rise, Office of Economic and Financial Analysis. While valuations are still 14.6% lower than the peak of 2007, the median asking price has increased almost 30% from the lows of January, 2012, (29.8% actually) but the trend appears to be ongoing for increased valuations. As reported in May, Seattle growth has been documented with some 18,000 new residents, Seattle is nation's fastest-growing- major city. People have to live somewhere.

All of the news can not eliminate the downside of traffic and ongoing construction activities however. Last year Inrix, a traffic data company, ranked Seattle as the 7th worst city for traffic (as of August of last year).10 Worst Traffic Cities in the U.S. - Unfortunately, from all the growing pains and projects the dubious distinction is not likely to change.

Summer weather in Seattle can be fabulous and appears to be here. At least, for the next week or so, the weather folk are predicting temperatures will be warm. The weather will be good for house hunting, barbecue, or simply enjoying the many activities the area has to offer. Being unhindered by rain, or just kicking back to enjoy is always a welcome benefit this time of year.