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Seattle International Film Festival 2014 day 19 suggestions

Day 19 of the Seattle International Film Festival features stories of desperation: a tranquil Chilean father ponders killing to protect his family, a lonely Japanese woman travels half-way around the globe in search of a buried treasure from a movie and an expectant mother plots to keep her family intact.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter / To Kill A Man / B for Boy
Zellner Bros. / Film Movement / No Blondes Productions

SIFF 2014 trailer playlist

"To Kill a Man" -- A middle-aged Chilean man's life is violently shaken when the meek man's son is attacked by a gang of criminals - prompting him to plot revenge, if only to protect his family from more reprisal. This dramatic thriller won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. (watch the trailer)

4:30 p.m. PT at the SIFF Uptown

"Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter" -- Ever since "Fargo" was released in 1996, an urban legend has persisted that a real-life Japanese woman died trying to find the money buried in the snow at the film's climax. This drama follows a lonely Tokyo woman's obsession with "Fargo," and the erosion of her grip on reality as she leaves Tokyo in search of the missing fortune.

Director David Zellner is scheduled to attend this screening.

4 p.m. PT at the Egyptian Theatre.

"Palestine Stereo" -- This drama follows two Palestinian brothers, whose home was destroyed during an Israeli airstrike, as they take odd jobs, camp in a friend's lawn and dream of immigrating far away from the West Bank. (watch the trailer)

7 p.m. PT at the Harvard Exit

"Ivory Tower" -- The latest from director Andrew Rossi ("Page One: Inside the New York Times") is a documentary that focuses on a worry of every parent: how much will it cost to send my child to college? This film analyzes the costs and benefits of a higher education - and the alternatives to college - while also trying to figure what is increasing the cost of college up year after year at an unrelenting pace. (watch the trailer)

Director Andrew Rossi is scheduled to attend this screening.

7 p.m. PT at Pacific Place.

"B for Boy" -- A Nigerian woman, nearing 40, is ecstatic after she becomes pregnant - especially in a culture where it's custom for a husband to take a second wife if the first wife does not produce a male heir. But she is driven to desperation when she learns her child has died in utero -- and she sets into motion a plan to produce a baby boy at any cost. (watch the trailer)

Director Chika Anadu is scheduled to attend this screening.

8:30 p.m. PT at SIFF Uptown.

Finally, these films close their SIFF run June 2:

For a complete list of all films screening at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 2, click here.

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