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Seattle helicopter crashes at Space Needle: Eyewitnesses describe fiery crash

A Seattle helicopter crash near the Space Needle on Tuesday morning torched the Seattle helicopter, three cars on the ground, and killed two people. A third man, who was in his car on the ground, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening burns over 50 percent of his body, reports Komo News on March 18, 2014.

Seattle helicopter crashes at Space Needle: Eyewitnesses describe fatal crash
Komo News

The Seattle helicopter belonged to KOMO News. According to KOMO, the helicopter crashed Tuesday morning during takeoff on Broad Street, which is only yards away from the Space Needle.

According to eyewitnesses, the KOMO chopper was taking off from the helipad on the fifth floor roof of Fisher Plaza, which is across the street from the Space Needle.

One eyewitness reported that he saw the helicopter take off, stutter in the air, crash to the ground, and then explode.

A construction worker at a nearby work site reported that he saw the helicopter make one "swoop," then go nose down into the roadway.

Another eyewitness reported that "it looked like the helicopter was trying to take off, and it just was trying to stabilize and it looked odd ... and it just took a nose dive right down there on the street. And the scary thing about was the gas from the helicopter started leaking and it caught a car or two on fire - so it's crazy."

One man reported that “it looked like it got hung up on some cables, and before you know it - boom! - it dropped dropped to the street.”

Another man who was in his car just behind the crash said that the helicopter exploded instantly. “It just blew up instantly. Nothing could have been done."

After the Seattle helicopter crash, huge flames and plumes of black smoke poured from the burning aircraft only 50 yards from the base of the Space Needle. The fuel coming from the crashed copter caught fire and burned “for a block from the crash scene,” reports KOMO. Fire crews immediately rushed to the scene and found two people dead inside the aircraft which has only its tail end left as seen in the picture provided by KOMO. A third person was running away from the scene with his clothes on fire. After officers were able to extinguish the fire, he was rushed to the hospital “with burns over more than 50 percent of his body.”

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