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Seattle distillery's rye whiskey expression gets its own unique spin

3 Howls Rye Whiskey has a chocolate finish and is bottled at 88 proof.
3 Howls Rye Whiskey has a chocolate finish and is bottled at 88 proof.
image courtesy of 3 Howls Distillery

Rye whiskey, like we wrote recently, is something many distilleries old and new alike are looking to get in on as its popularity continues to rise. One of these is Seattle, Washington-based 3 Howls Distillery, which recently unveiled its own take on this resurging spirit.

3 Howls Rye Whiskey, the distillery explained to in an email, was unveiled to local drinkers in the Seattle area back in late May. It is the 12th spirit to join its line up since opening last summer, showcasing just how rapidly popular craft distilleries like this are growing across the country. Other whiskies currently offered through this operation include a single malt and hopped style expression.

As for the rich amber colored rye whiskey, it is said to be loosely based off of George Washington's original style, but with a twist in that it features a "corn heavy rye grain bill and speciality beer barley" to give it a chocolate finish. Tasting notes from the distillery indicate, besides the finish, that it has a nose of warm smokiness and that, on the palate, it presents with "soft vanilla [that] combines with a hint of honey, wrapped around a light rye spice note."

Designed to be drank on the rocks or in a cocktail, should you seek out a bottle of this 88 proof whiskey expect to drop around $34 a pop.