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Seattle director Robinson Devor launches new project "Pow Wow"

Still from "Pow Wow," currently in production
Still from "Pow Wow," currently in production
Images courtesy Victoria Nevinny

Robinson Devor has been busy.

The three time Sundance writer-director (whose credits include "Zoo," "Police Beat," and "The Woman Chaser") just wrapped a year-long feature film called "You Can't Win," starring Michael Pitt, and is headed to New York City to begin editing. His first film installation, produced with longtime collaborator Charles Mudede, called "North American," debuted at the Museum of Northwest Art last weekend. He and Mudede are also finalizing their script about Sarah Jane Moore--a true story of a middle aged suburban woman who becomes both an FBI informant and a violent revolutionary who almost assassinates President Gerald Ford.

In addition to these projects, he just launched a Kickstarter campaign with co-writer Michael McConville, cinematographer Sean Kirby, and producer Victoria Nevinny ("Phoenix"), for an experimental documentary called "Pow Wow."

Elegant, thought-provoking and darkly comic, "Pow Wow" is a “Desert Gothic” tale set in Palm Springs, California, that chronicles a type of American joy that is slowly dying out. It documents a stunning range of Coachella Valley characters that vary in age, gender, ethnicity and class—from country clubbers to service workers, Natives to white, living to dead.

Devor feels that, "Unlike other documentaries that use literal recreations, 'Pow Wow' uses modern day desert characters to echo and illuminate an infamous 1908 desert manhunt for Willie Boy, a native American youth who outran a mounted posse on foot across 500 miles of desert. Like Willie Boy, the film’s present-day characters have in many ways headed into the desert to survive."

The money raised on Kickstarter will go towards funding the final week of shooting, as well as editing. Costs include, but are not limited to a camera package and lenses, a sound package, transcriptions, insurance, travel costs, food and gas. Says producer Nevinny, "'Pow Wow' is something unusual and compelling and any pledge or donation will help realize the completion of this project."

Says Devor, "'Pow Wow' is important to me because it feel unique. I don't know of any docs that pursue parallel story lines 100 years apart, so that's exciting. Its also a meditative investigation of a region, which is out of vogue in an era of sensationalistic journalism."

In regards to raising money on Kickstarter, he adds, "The ability to continue to purse an ethic of originality only comes when I can work with a small band of trusted collaborators, and a producer who gives me total freedom."

The campaign will start on January 15, 2014 and run until February 15, 2014. You can read more about the project here.

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