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Seattle begins $15 per hour minimum wage mistake

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City CouncilWoman Extraordinaire
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City CouncilWoman Extraordinaire

Seattle. Circa 2017. Guy walks into a coffee bar up to the counter and looks at the menu. “Can I help you sir?” the smiley bean jockey asks our guy.

Seattle passes $15 minimum wage

“Medium sized fully caffeinated coffee for me with a little room for cream, and do you have honey?” customer replies.

“Yes, sir. Honey is extra, but it’s worth it. I put honey in mine too. It helps me BEE. It’s only a dollar more. Total is $5.50 plus mandatory city-wide gratuity of another $5.50 for my staff; and since I’m solo so far, I thank you heartily. Want a lid?”

“How much extra for the lid?”

Populism and the $15 Minimum wage carried election for Socialist Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant has found an edge, and it is working. As a Socialist candidate for Seattle City Council, she ran a good campaign and assembled quite a group in support of a living wage for starters. See slideshow for some street scenes. Seattle was popping. Sawant was elected.

Councilwoman Sawant rode the populist train all the way to yesterday’s celebration of her primary issue – the establishment of our $15 minimum wage. Yesterday the Seattle City Council approved the plan unanimously.

As Seattle Mayor Ed Murray deals with the transitions and details, the 4 - 7 years starting April 2015 may begin to see the devil in the detail. As shops shutter and revenues plummet, folks will scratch their heads. "Gawd!" they'll moan. “GAWD! What were we smoking?”

Too high minimum wage detracts from personal development

Overheard at the Senior Center... "Giving novice workers $15 for minimum wage discourages kids from doing what intrigues them. They sell out. When there's a future in $15 an hour, why try something on your own? Who will discover why the things we thought were strange really aren't?

"There's way more than just money in our path of life, but some folks become slaves to the urges to consume all the glamourized glitz. Truth be told, cool gizmos are alluring, but engagement with good people and stimulating projects taps into sources to bring the deeper joys that money doesn't even touch."

Work can be a source of strength and discovery.

Overheard at SCORE... "When it's your love and your Baby, your creation and your brand, then something happens. Learning is an inside job, and enriching life-work is full of learning. Trying to jam their square peg lives into round hole jobs is why folks walk away mumbling 'Something something SHOVE IT!' and start out on their own.

"They simply observe options and weigh outcomes, invest in themselves and go their own way. Contractors, business people, laborers of love, artists, architects, artisans, builders, writers, truckers, singers – even Frank Sinatra - do it their way. The motive comes from within, not from the wallet."

Work is a source of joy and inspiration, not just toys and obligations

Overheard in the greenhouse..."Raising the minimum wage without qualifying the workers or their contribution to our society is effectively sheltering the crops from the nourishment of rain. Kids need challenge to grow their resilience and depth of understanding.

"Raising the minimum wage so that unqualified novices can have the keys to a car or deed to a house is criminally insane. As people demonstrate accomplishment and utilize their understanding, then they earn status in society, the legal tender to make purchases and the discretion to choose with focus."

Overheard in the plumber’s dream…"Why not $50?"

“Just assign a dollar value fished out of the deep ocean currents or pulled down from the fluffy white clouds. What difference does it make? They still don't know anything and can't do anything. Nice kids but, hey..!”

$15 an hour reminds me of the new bride, finally home from honeymooning with her new husband, the plumber. The young couple live in the newly remodeled apartment that her husband and father-in-law had built for them over the family garage.

"It's so NICE" she blurted. "I love it! But honey, could we just move the sink from there to over here?"

"Darling, we would have to move the hot and cold pipes and the drain and then add a new stack..."

"Sweetie, I don't care about the pipes and drain and stack - whatever that is. I just want the sink here, with hot on the left and cold on the right. Right?"

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