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Seattle band Super Jam to perform New Wave hits of Elvis Costello and Squeeze

Time to get your studded jackets, black lipstick and Mohawk hairdos out of the trunk: Seattle rock band Super Jam will perform beloved hits from New Wave artists Elvis Costello and Squeeze on September 6, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. Producer Steve Roseta wrote the Seattle Rock Music Examiner to announce that Super Jam will perform the early hits, including “Allison”, “Peace, Love & Understanding”, “Watching the Detectives”, “Tempted”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Pulling Mussels.” Examiner talked to Steve today, July 30, 2014, about the show.

Seattle band Super Jam will do Elvis Costello and Squeeze New Wave hits
Roseta Productions concert poster

When asked about the inspiration for such an interesting and eclectic show, he said, “We previously did just a Squeeze show, if you remember, in Seattle, and this would build on that idea by adding Elvis Costello. Elvis produced ‘Tempted’ and sang backing vocals on it. He also produced the 1981 ‘Eastside Story’ album. It also by the way thrilled Greg Garcia, the Tractor booking agent—he’s a big Costello fan. Most of the songs we will do are from 1978-1983.”

Listen to the You Tube song sampler video included in this page to get a taste for the song line up for the show. Super Jam’s musicians include members of the Beatniks, Hit Explosion, 80s Invasion, and Johnny Astro: Rick Lovrovich (bass), Jakael Tristram (guitar), Shane Peck (drums), Chip Gaasche (keyboards), and Mark Romanowski (guitar).

Roseta said, “Interestingly, our new keys player Chip Gaasche from Pennsylvania met John Lennon. Also, the real Elvis Costello plays at Bumbershoot this year, a week prior to our show. We think there are Elvis fans who may enjoy this show as much or more, since the focus is on early, edgier New Wave material.”

RADIO APPEARANCE: Super Jam performed as guests of the Bob Rivers Show (KJR 95.7 FM) last week to perform Elvis Costello song “Pump It Up”, and Squeeze song “Pulling Mussels.” Listen here) “Bob may play keyboards on a couple of songs at the show if time permits,” Steve added.

Last year, Super Jam performed a Squeeze show at Seattle’s popular dinner theater, the Triple Door. (See link to our report below.) In that show, they performed every song from Squeeze’s 1982 hit album “Singles 45’s and Under”, plus many more Squeeze favorites. Click here for the Super Jam Facebook page.

TO BUY TICKETS: Tickets are $18: Purchase them here to see “Super Jam Plays Elvis Costello and Squeeze” at the Tractor Tavern, September 6, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. This is a 21 and over event.

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