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Seating options for your newborn

Nap Nanny
Nap Nanny
Nap Nanny

There will be times when you need to put your newborn down in a safe spot to sit.  For example, when you need to cook, prepare his bottle, shower...

We are mostly familiar with the vibrating infant seats that are widely available.  However, there are other options as well.  In addition, it is recommended that we not get our baby too used to the vibrating option.  It is better for her to learn to self soothe and fall asleep without swinging or vibrating sensations.  However, it is fine when used in moderation. 

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

This seat is colorful and fun.  It gives babies an option to play and nap.  This seat bounces and vibrates.  It costs around $65 and is available in many other options.  This is the seat that I currently use and my baby loves it.  Maximum weight is 25 pounds and it does require batteries.

The Nap Nanny

This item is relatively new and has good reviews.  It does not bounce or vibrate, but it looks like a comfortable seat  for baby to lounge and sleep.  I will mention as with many baby products, there was a recall on Nap Nanny in 2009, but the item has been fixed and is now back on the market. 

Of course, closely follow all safety instructions and never use any infant seats on an elevated surface or without supervision.  The Nap Nanny is available in stores or online for about $130.

Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Seat

I really like Bjorn products and they have more than just the carriers.  Their infant seat is unique in that it has four positions: play, rest, sleep and compact.  This seat bounces, but does not vibrate. This seat also retails for about $130 and comes in a variety of colors.


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