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Seasons After interview @ Eck's Saloon

March 6th was an excellent night for Metal music. But then, is there ever a bad night for it? Not in my book, that is if I had a book, in which case it would be appropriately titled “Never a bad night for Metal!”.

Seasons After
Seasons After

Ah yes, back to the Metal night.

The opening band was Denver’s own 9/10’s of the Law. I hadn’t actually seen these guys live before, but after I woofed down my half of swiss cheese mushroom burger, I quickly moved into the venue side of Eck’s. 9/10’s Of The Law are hard hitting and raw. They didn’t possess the commercial sound of Metal that we are all so use to, they are dirty and hardcore, which made for an extremely enjoyable set. In my opinion, they had a mix of Suicidal Tendencies flavor (during their metallic era), that prepared the crowd for the upcoming bands.

The second band was KBPI’s winner of “The Best Band In Denver” contest, No 1 Left Standing….and THAT is exactly what happened. As I edged my way up against the set to get some photo opp’s of these locally notorious metal heads, it was obvious that Denver loves these guys. They are hard hitting metal musicians with an intoxicating dose of hip-hop, I know ‘I’ was staggering by the end of their set.

With Eck’s filled to, what I am CERTAIN of, maximum capacity (and then some), Kansas’ own Season’s After took the stage with fortitude. I, again, took a center spot in front of the stage to snap some photo’s. As soon as they started playing, the floor got tight, I mean REAL tight , I MAY have gotten some fellow rocker’s DNA in my pores, yea, THAT tight. As the mosh pit began to form, I was quickly and brutally forced into the monitors on the stage by some rather ‘healthy’ women. I saw one guy with smashed glasses on his face and one guy in the middle of the pit holding up someone’s shoe. I didn’t, however, witness any blood, at least none that was mine, to my knowledge that is. Season’s After may be rather new to the music scene, but they know what they are doing. With their already hit single, ‘Cry Little Sister’, and saturated airplay of it, Season’s After is already a household name. Their musicianship is phenomenal and they know how to get the crowd right where they want them. I will definitely return to see Season’s After when they return to Denver, only this time I hope there is a photo pit for photographers, there is no mercy in Metal….and there shouldn’t be.

With my already ringing ears, the last band of the night was Janus from Detroit. The crowd had dispersed a bit, as Janus is a slightly mellower metal band, yet they were able to keep the crowd pumped for the remainder of the show. Janus has already received national recognition with appearances on MTV’S Headbanger’s Ball and Rockline Radio, along with their radio hit ‘Eyesore’.

All in all, it was a great night for metal, as stated earlier…..despite the making of sweaty-flesh and leather sandwich buffet.

After signing with Dirtbag Records, Seasons After has been making noise across the nation with their first single 'Cry Little Sister'.

Seasons After is a five piece rock/metal band out of Wichita, Kansas. They are:

Chris Schlichting - Vocals
James Beattie- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris Dawson - Guitar
Tim Rails - Drums
Michael Byers - Bass, Backing Vocals

Seasons After has been fortunate enough to perform at  The Vans Warped Tour (twice), Taste Of Chaos Tour, and the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.

Seasons After's release of their debut album 'Through Tomorrow'  was available, March 23rd, 2010.

On March 6th, Seasons After stopped in Denver on their tour with Janus and took time to chat with me before their set at Eck's Saloon, presented by KBPI 106.7.

Click on the video below to hear what they had to say.....come on!! You KNOW you wanna!!!


  • Tom Walsh 5 years ago

    Sweet! Love these guys. I'll be seeing them at the Marquis on the 17th!

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