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Season two of Starz 'Da Vinci's Demons' ventures into exciting new territory

Season two of "Da Vinci's Demons" airs Saturday. March 22nd on Starz.

The second season of Starz historical fantasy series “Da Vinci’s Demons” begins airing on Saturday, March 22nd.

The ten-episode drama follows the continuing adventures of Leonardo Da Vinci as the idealist continues his quest for the illusive Book of Leaves all the while working to uncover the secret history of his mother, the woman who abandoned him when he was an infant.

Conceived by David S. Goyer, who most recently wrote the screenplay for “Man of Steel” as well as “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” these episodes of the series feature Da Vinci ventures into many different parts of the world. “While there are still many scenes in Florence, this season is evenly split between Florence, Naples, Constantinople and Peru.”

Production Designer Edward Thomas was thrilled to learn of the scope of these travels, saying, “When David told us that we were going to leave Florence and all of the characters are going on their separate journeys we were thrilled. It’s amazing for us to have all of the colors and textures of those locations to work with. Every week is different.”

Those travels will take their toll on the usually assured Da Vinci in an unexpected manner, reveals Da Vinci’s star Tom Riley.”It very much takes him out of his comfort zone. Everything that he uses as a barometer of explanation for the stuff around him is lost. He doesn’t have it anymore and when this tapestry that’s being spun around him seems so far out of his reach, he has accept that things aren’t quite what he believed they would be and that gives the cockiness a bit of a kick in the face.”

The epic nature of the series continues in the opening frames of the first episode of season two with sweeping scenes that build to dramatic confrontations and a narrative that doesn’t let down for a moment. In fact, that momentum continues to build substantially in subsequent episodes.

This opening episode also serves as a precursor for what’s to come this season by establishing the tone and pace which the following installments use as a framework for telling this stunningly complicated, yet enthralling, story.

Viewers returning to the series will be thrust right back into Da Vinci’s complicated world while those new to the show shouldn’t shy away from jumping in as it’s quite easy to decipher what’s happening and to be drawn in within a matter of minutes; having said that, for those wishing to catch up on past episodes, the eight previous installments are available via various sites, including

Season two of “Da Vinci’s Demons” premieres on Starz Saturday, March 22nd at 9e/p.

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