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Season of tragedy

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Pondering through our minds wandering and asking the question what is really happening in the world, is a question most of us who are consciously aware of or world and surroundings are discussing. Tragedy here, tragedy there is the recurrent theme it same whenever we turn on television, breaking news, this has now come in or this is now happening. Safety, world safety, and security it same exist no more or has it ever existed or due to the wide world of social media and technology has the evils of our world and societies become so evident and brought to the light by the simple thing as a smart phone and the click of a button?

Will humanity ever come to one accord, an agreement to stop killing one another and stop marginalizing a particular race or cultural of people to the evils of poverty and starvation. Our world have enough resources and tools to help uplift many of earth's citizens into the realm of a better living but yet greed and energy of money remains a dictating factor to how we treat and live with one another. The cry is loud and the voices are in fact many, senseless killings and wars must stop, bringing stability to mankind or world as we know it, will once again be at war die to fail diplomacy and growing poverty.

As the summer months wind down here in the United States and much of the world, we have seen and witnessed aircraft after aircraft go down or come up missing, with little to no explanation why. One can choose to remain naive if he or she want too but the true reasons behind such evil and violence is as stated above, greed, and poverty as well as down right wickedness. The concept or philosopher the righteous shall suffer with the wicked, has become evident in the innocent lives that have been lost behind these agenda killings and downing of these planes. May the great creator be with those who have passed and the families that have lost love one's.