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Season four finale of ‘Downton Abbey’: Budding romances in the future?

Season four finale of Downton Abbey had its own surprises.
Season four finale of Downton Abbey had its own surprises.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Season four of “Downton Abbey” has sadly come to a close. Last night’s finale aired on PBS on Feb. 23 and even though it didn't have such a dramatic ending as season three had, it was still a memorable episode. The finale included a ball, a Downton conspiracy, and even some potential romances added into the mix.

Eight months have gone by since last week’s episode and it was the time for the presentation of Lady Rose. Lady Mary’s men were still vying for her attention. Mary does find out from Tony that Charles Blake is no outsider like she thought as he stands to inherit a fortune. Whom will Lady Mary choose in season five?

Poor Edith already had her secret baby, a daughter, and has given her up to a Swiss family. However, she later chooses to go with her own plan of having her daughter closer at hand. Mr. Bates comes to the rescue after he finds the letter that Samson stole that could cause a royal scandal. It seems that the Grantham family is not very good at trying to steal it back.

Despite all the hubbub of getting ready for the big ball and the visit from Cora’s mother and brother, there was also some time for a bit of flirtation and romance. The Americans had their hands full as the love bug got hold of them. Daisy got an offer from Harold’s valet Ethan, who has an obvious crush on her, to head to the states as their new cook. Daisy turned down the offer but Ivy took the job instead, much to the dismay of Ethan. However, Ethan gave Daisy more than she could have bargained for as she got a little male attention and she finally got rid of Ivy! It was great to see the usually drab girl with a smile on her face.

Harold Levinson also got himself a little attention. In America, he is known as a playboy, which he claims is only because of his money. The girls love their diamond bracelets. However, a certain British girl, Madeleine, got his attention and the two seemed to have quite a connection. Her father, Lord Aysgarth, tries romancing Martha Levinson since she has money. She enjoys it all but then turns down his proposal in the end.

Tom gets into a bit of trouble after allowing Sarah to tour Downton’s upstairs. Thomas was there to tattle on him to Lord Gratham, even though it was completely innocent. It will be interesting to find out if Tom will pursue this relationship next season.

Mr. Molesley and Baxter are developing quite a friendship…or romance, as it may be. He seems to be quite a good influence and is steering her away from the evil ways of Thomas.

However, they saved the best part for last as a day at the beach for the downstairs folks ended up with some hand holding for Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. The usual uptight Carson was all aflutter at having his feet in the ocean water. His fear of falling and getting wet led Mrs. Hughes to offer her hand so he could be steady on his feet. He told her that the offer sounded ‘a little risqué’ but he accepted it. That sweet moment between the two was the highlight of the finale.

Sound off on your thoughts on the season four finale of “Downton Abbey.”

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