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Season Finale of 'The Little Couple'-Bill and Jen exchange vows

Tonight is the season finale of “ The Little Couple” on TLC! The show starts and 10/9 central. Tonight we get to see a wonderful event. After a very challenging and positive chain of events, with Bill and Jen adopting 2 kids, Will and Zoey. As well as Jen dealing with cancer and battling chemotherapy.

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It all ends tonight with a vow renewal that will really be worth watching, lots of love for each other and their 2 children. The way you can best describe the “The Little Couple” is love and happiness.

During tonights show Bill says to Jen. “I thought I would lose you” when was diagnosed with cancer, right after adopting their daughter Zoey. Bill also states during his vows. "You defeated cancer. We're here to celebrate you for being you every day for a long time to come."

If you don’t know Bill and Jen’s adoption story you can catch up with past seasons on Netflix as well. They have a wonderful adoption process story as well and their trials of having a baby.

We have seen the Klein family through their ups and downs in life, and they honestly show a wholesome family show with great values. It is such a joy to tune in every Tuesday and watch this family. The posted video is an extended interview with the Huffington Post.

Be sure to check out the season finale tonight on TLC at 10/9 central, and she what Bill has up his sleeve for Jen tonight!

*quotes taken from people magazine*

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