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Season 4 summaries of 'The Wire'

Actors Jermaine Crawford, Tristan Wilds, Maestro Harrell and Julito McCullum arrive at the premiere of HBO's "The Wire" on September 7, 2006 in New York City.
Actors Jermaine Crawford, Tristan Wilds, Maestro Harrell and Julito McCullum arrive at the premiere of HBO's "The Wire" on September 7, 2006 in New York City.
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Disclaimer: There may be spoilers included in the summaries.

Disc 1:

Episode 1 "Boys of Summer": This is the introduction to Snoop (played by Felicia "Snoop" Pearson) and her gunpower-actuated drill DX 46. Preston "Bodie" Broadus (played by J.D. Williams) tells Lex (played by Norman Jackson) to give up hope on dating the mother of his child Patrice (played by Shaunte Usual) again now that she's dating Fruit (played by Brandon Fobbs). Instead Lex kills Fruit.

Councilman Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti (played by Aidan Gillen) starts mayoral campaign, regularly challenging Mayor Clarence V. Royce (played by Glynn Turman). Campaign strategist Theresa D'Agostino (played by Brandy Burre) and deputy campaign manager Norman Wilson (played by Reg E. Cathey) help him. Councilman Anthony "Tony" Gray (played by Christopher Mann) is furious that Tommy is running against him.

Namond Brice (played by Julito McCullum), Michael Lee (played by Tristan "Mack" Wilds), Duquan "Dukie" Weems (played by Jermaine Crawford), Randy Wagstaff (played by Maestro Harrell) and Donut (played by Nathan Corbett) get ready to head back to school.

Major Cedric Daniels (played by Lance Reddick) asks Detective James "Jimmy" McNulty (played by Dominic West) to rethink the idea of reuniting with his detective unit. Detective Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski (played by Jim True-Frost) meets Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly (played by Susan Duvall) and Principal Claudell Withers (played by Richard Hidlebird) about being a new math teacher through the Resident Teachers Program.

Unbeknownst to a setup, Randy repeats Little Kevin's (played by Tyrell Baker) message to Lex. Snoop and Chris Partlow (played by Gbenga Akinnagbe), as Marlo Stanfield (played by Jamie Hector) orders.

Episode 2 "Soft Eyes": Detective Thomas "Herc" Hauk (played by Domenick Lombardozzi) catches Mayor Royce receiving oral sex from his assistant. Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman (played by Deirdre Lovejoy) and Detective Leander Sydnor (played by Corey Parker Robinson) are dissappointed in the amount of cases against political officials before the primary election. Detective Lester Freamon (played by Clarke Peters) and Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs (played by Sonja Sohn) are thrilled about the cases. Rhonda hesitates to give Freamon two subpoenas for Andy Krawczyk (played by Michael Willis) and State Senator R. Clayton "Clay" Davis (played by Isiah Whitlock Jr.). Tommy putts Mayor Royce on the spot about his inactivity on Hamsterdam.

Namond visits his father Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice (played by Hassan Johnson) in prison. Namond's mother De'Londa Brice (played by Sandi McCree) snitches to Wee-Bey about Namond refusing to put in more work selling drugs. Officer Ellis Carver (played by Seth Gilliam) and Detective William "Bunk" Moreland (played by Wendell Pierce) look for Lex.

Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins (played by Andre Royo) has new partner, Sherrod (played by Rashad Orange) for his cart business, Bubble's Depo [sic]. Spider's (played by Edward Green) mother flirts with Dennis "Cutty" Wise (played by Chad L. Coleman), along with a few other mothers and female visitors. Michael turns down Marlo's $200 school clothes passed out by "Monk" Metcalf (played by Kwame Patterson); Marlo is offended and impressed by the rejection at the same time.

Episode 3 "Home Rooms": High-ranking drug dealers plot to get New Yorkers out of Baltimore. Howard "Bunny" Colvin (played by Robert Wisdom) gets a reality check about no longer being a police officer after trying to arrest a hotel patron for beating up a prostitute. He realizes security work won't suffice. Bunk tries to get used to the new version of McNulty as a family man with Officer Beatrice "Beadie" Russell (played by Amy Ryan). Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls (played by John Doman) makes Lieutenant Charles Marimow (played by Boris McGiver) the detectives' (Kima, Freamon and Leander) new boss and moves their old boss, Lieutenant Jimmy Asher (played by Gene Terinoni), to a telephone reporting unit. Kima and Freamon ask Rawls and Daniels to be reassigned to another department. Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams) and Renaldo (played by Ramon Rodriguez) rob a convenience store. Prez's first day of school includes Laetitia (played by Charmaine McPhee) slicing the face of Chiquan (played by Tiffani Holland) for picking on her. Colvin takes on a sociology study project lead by Professor David Parenti (played by Dan DeLuca) at a middle school.

Disc 2:

Episode 4 "Refugees": Freamon and Kima are approved to work in homicide. Joseph "Proposition Joe" Stewart (played by Robert F. Chew) reaches out to Marlo to be part of the co-op. Marlo agrees. Bunk talks to Lex's mom to find her son and the killer. Mayor Royce compiles electoral team for Baltimore's Unity Ticket with Council President Nerese Campbell (played by Marlyne Barrett), State's Attorney Steven Demper (played by Doug Roberts) and Eunetta Parkins (actress name unknown). Marla Daniels (played by Maria Broom) has a difficult time campaigning against Eunetta. Officer Kenneth Dozerman (played by Rick Otto) returns to detective work, and Herc gets a raise courtesy of Mayor Royce. Both now work for Marimow. Michael is suspicious of Cutty's friendliness. Omar robs a gambling game where Marlo is one of the players; Marlo tells Omar this isn't over.

Episode 5 "Alliances": Major Stanislaus Valchek (played by Al Brown) tells Tommy about the change in management from Marimow to Asher. Norman plots to get this information to Tony to help decrease the votes for Mayor Royce so Tony is Tommy's only competition. Prez creates detention sticker program for students. Colvin discusses stoop kids versus corner kids differentiation. Prez kicks Namond out of class for acting out. (name unknown, will call him Bully) beats up Bubbles for $4 to give to Sherrod. Snoop and Chris approach Michael for possible recruitment. Mayor Royce asks Rawls to make the Amsterdam conversation go away. Dukie tells Randy that Chris is killing people for Marlo. A press conference is held to change the story about Kima taking over a case from veteran Detective Edward Norris (played by Edward T. Norris). Marlo sets Omar up by having Chris kill a delivery woman at Song's Groceries and forces the clerk Old Face Andre (played by Alfonso Christian Lover) to say Omar did it. Marlo's team finds hidden police camera. Randy does lookout for two boys having sex with a girl named Tiff (played by Isis McCray) in the bathroom.

Episode 6 "Margin of Error": State Delegate Odell Watkins (played by Frederick Strother) switches from supporting Mayor Royce to Tommy. De'Londa Brice (played by Sandi McCree) finds out from Brianna Barksdale (played by Michael Hyatt) that she'll no longer be getting regular payments. De'Londa threatens to make Wee-Bey talk more about Avon Barksdale (played by Wood Harris), but Brianna is indifferent and doesn't budge. De'Londa pushes Namond to be more like his father and sell drugs. Prez reaches out to Dukie and helps him find a safe place to bathe. The University of Maryland pilot program (corner boys versus stoop boys program) is implemented. Senator Davis offers to donate money to Tommy's campaign. Randy realizes he may have been associated with the rape of Tiff after being lookout for two students (Paul and Monel -- actors names unknown). Randy uses info he knows about Chris hiding bodies to get out of being in trouble with Assistant Principal Donnelly. Prez reaches out to Daniels to help Randy. Tommy wins the primary mayoral election.

Episode 7 "Unto Others": Omar struggles to stay alive in prison while there's a bounty on his life. He convinces Bunk that there's something fishy in the delivery woman's murder case and Old Face Andre's testimony. Sherrod drops out of school again to sell drugs while Bubbles tries to find out his whereabouts. Cutty reaches out to his boxers to apologize for his activities with women they're affiliated with. Rhonda gets a raise and moves to the head of homicide prosecution investigations. Darnell Tyson (played by Davon Cooper), Namond, Albert Stokes (played by Jason Wharton) and Chandra Porter (played by Na'Dria Jennings) prove to Colvin, Dr. Parenti and Ms. Duquette (played by Stacie Davis) why they made it to the pilot program. Bunk convinces Assistant State's Attorney Ilene Nathan (played by Susan Rome) to help Omar get to protected services. Namond creates his own drug crew: Kenard (played by Thuliso Dingwall), Donut and Byron (actor name unknown). Carver asks Herc and Sydnor to talk to Randy about Lex's death; detectives who are mad at Bunk don't pass the word on to him about Randy.

Disc 3:

Episode 8 "Corner Boys": Proposition Joe and Slim Jones (played by Anwan Glover) tell Marlo to not hide the bodies of New Yorkers coming to Baltimore to make drug money. Chris and Snoop are told to let the bodies be seen to leave a message for the rest. Tommy continues to observe Daniels' professionalism and reaches out to see if he'd be interested in being a colonel under the authority of Rawls. Acting Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell (played by Frankie Faison) confronts Rawls to find out about Tommy's connection to Daniels. Bunk catches Old Face Andre in his lie about Omar. Michael is upset to find out the father of his little brother, Aaron "Bugs" Manigault (played by Keenon Brice) is home, and their mom Raylene Lee (played by Shamika Cotton) wants them all to have a fresh start. Herc and Dozerman harass Marlo's crew, including Chris and Snoop, to find out where his police camera is. Herc and Dozerman try to find out if Little Kevin is an eyeball witness to the murder Marlo is affiliated with.

Episode 9 "Know Your Place": Detectives look for Little Kevin. Malik "Poot" Carr (played by Tray Chaney) is released from prison. Nerese rebels against Tommy's leadership because she wanted to run for mayor. Tommy talks to Rawls to make new rules if he's elected the mayor: Burrell must clear all rules through Rawls; Major Stanislaus Valchek (played by Al Brown) position must be elevated as a favor for his support; Daniels will be upgraded from west side commander to colonel. Proposition Joe sets up Old Face Andre so Marlo can find him; Chris and Snoop end his life.

Kima tries to help Bubbles be rescued from the wrath of Bully by asking Herc to help, but he's a no-show for Bubbles. Ms. Duquette and Colvin arrange a puzzle competition to see if students can work together. The winning team goes out to dinner with Colvin to a fancy restaurant. Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly informs teachers that they must teach the test questions exactly in order for the schools to keep their funding. Michael considers calling Social Services to get rid of Bugs' father but chooses to talk to Marlo's crew instead.

Episode 10 "Misgivings": Officer Eddie Walker (played by Jonnie Brown) breaks Donut's fingers after catching him stealing an SUV. Little Kevin goes to Marlo after police release him. Marlo takes issue with Little Kevin going to Randy instead of going directly to Lex. Marlo tells Chris and Snoop to spread the word that Randy is a snitch but don't physically hurt him. Senator Davis plays both sides between Burrell and Tommy to try to hustle Tommy out of more money. De'Londa is nowhere to be found after Namond is arrested; she later tells her son he should go to "baby booking" to toughen up. Herc bails on Bubbles a second time, and Bubbles gets revenge. Lieutenant Marimow grows suspicious of Herc's criminal informant (CI) Fuzzy Dunlop. Chris beats Bugs' father to death. Elena McNulty (played by Callie Thorne) reflects on how much her husband (Jimmy) McNulty has changed.

Episode 11 "A New Day": Michael, Dukie, Randy and Namond get revenge on Officer Walker for harassing them and breaking Donut's fingers. Old Face Andre's ring that traveled to Marlo, then Omar, then Officer Walker is now under ownership of Michael. Tommy has a long talk with Rawls, who finally backs down from his opposition to former Lieutenant Daniels, now Colonel Daniels. Tommy goes on run from towing company to recreation and parks company to the water company to fix issues around Baltimore; he also talks to the police about getting rid of statistical arrest mindset but finds out about a $54 million deficit for the schools in the middle of his good-luck spree. The pilot program is dismantled; and the students are sent to high school.

Omar spies on drug-dealing crews and finds out about their co-op. Omar forces Proposition Joe to set up a plan against Marlo with the involuntary help of Melvin "Cheese" Wagstaff (played by Method Man) and Slim.

Michael defends Randy after a group of boys try to jump him after Marlo's crew spread the word that Randy talked to police about Little Kevin and Lex's death. Prez goes to Carver to find out who dropped the ball on Randy. Bunk realizes Herc never told him about Randy. Daniels asks to reconstitute the major crimes unit and supervise it under the homicide unit. Rawls gives Daniels the okay to change personnel in the major crimes unit, too. Daniels tells Freamon he is now over the entire unit and can choose his own team and supervisor; Freamon's first focus is Ed Bowers (played by Mark Joy) and Senator Davis. However, he quickly moves back to Marlo's crew's killings when a conversation with Herc leads him to the abandoned homes where people are being killed and hidden.

Disc 4:

Episode 12 "That's Got His Own": Dukie has trouble with the idea of going to high school, and Prez is having just as much trouble accepting this. After his family is evicted, Dukie moves in with Michael and Bugs. Bubbles fills sodium cyanide poison in tubes for Bully, who keeps robbing him, and separates himself from Sherrod so he won't be guilty by association. Michael gets trained in guns and killing for Marlo's team. The home of Miss Anna Jeffries (played by Denise Hart) is burned in order to get Randy out of it; Miss Anna is injured. Brianna bullies Namond for not fighting Kenard after Kenard claimed to have had his stash taken by police. Michael beats up Kenard to get Namond's package, and Namond runs away in fear of Michael. Renaldo's friends rob Cheese with the help of Kimmy (played by Kelli R. Brown).

Episode 13 "Final Grades": Bubbles tries to hang himself in the investigation room after confessing to Sherrod's death. Butchie (played by S. Robert Morgan) makes a joke about Omar selling Proposition Joe's and the rest of the co-op's drugs back to them after robbing them. Omar takes Butchie's joke seriously and does just that. Herc is suspended with pay for losing a surveillance camera and making up Fuzzy Dunlop. Cutty is in the hospital after being shot by one of Marlo's crew for approaching Michael. Bodie goes ballistic and trashes a cop car after finding out Little Kevin was in one of the abandoned buildings. Bodie is killed after being seen with McNulty, who got him released with no charges. McNulty asks to rejoin Daniels' major crimes unit. Cutty reaches out to Wee-Bey to see if he would release Namond in Colvin's care. Carver tries to convince Social Services to move Randy to the top of the list and offers to take Randy under his care; Social Services won't comply. Chris and Snoop are arrested. Marlo talks to Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos (played by Paul Ben-Victor) to see if Omar's robbery was a setup.

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