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Season 3 of 'Convos with my 3-year old' returns to YouTube

Raising a child can be the most difficult and rewarding experience of a person's life. When the children start asking questions around the age of two through five, things can get really interesting. This is why parents love the popular YouTube series "Convos With my 3-Year old." A series that depicts real conversations had by Matthew Clarke, the creator, and another grown man who plays his three-year old daughter, Coco. On Wednesday, Huffington Post reveals that season three of the popular series has returned to the web.

"Convos with a 3-year old" has returned to YouTube for season three.
Convos With a 2-year old YouTube screenshot

The series follows actual conversations that parents deal with from your offspring that can be quite alarming and hilarious at the same time. When a grown man is playing the part of a three-year old, the awkwardness of these conversations is brought to light in the most comical ways imaginable. The first episode of season three is called "The Crack," in which Clarke attempts to explain to Coco why people have a crack in their behind since she didn't break it, and what a crack is compared to a line.

Previous episodes of the series have included hilarious conversations involving dad playing dress up, playing at the park, tantrums, politeness during dinner, and bath time. Each episode is just as funny as the next and the fact that "Coco" is played by a grown man with stubble and graying hair makes the series all the more hysterical. All episodes of "Convos With my 2-Year Old" and it's sequel "Convos With my 3-year Old" are available to watch on YouTube. Like their channel and get updated as new episodes are available.

If you aren't a parent and you wonder what has got them in stitches over the things their children say, or you wonder why they are often embarrassed in public when their children speak, then check out the series. If nothing else, it's good for some funny, clean laughs while at work.

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