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Seaside by the Sea ~ South of the border restaurants and entertainment opportunities/ dance & music

I want to go - next paycheck
I want to go - next paycheck

Throw a stone in Seaside and you are likely to hit a South of the border restaurant, from El Salvador to Mexican style taco shops ,  There is even a well known nite club called Planet Gemini, which  does not stand out amongst the other businesses on Fremont in the daytime, but at night it is a different story.


Our Bartender from Plaza  Linda in Carmel Valley is working at Planet Gemini music and Comedy Club  all day through FridMarco Moncada makes the Margaritas especiale on Friday nightsay Nights , so by the time you get off from work, there will be a well oiled margarita maker waiting for your order,,,and lots of salsa and meringue music and dancing and dinner to be had.

There are so many Central and South American Restaurants here in Seaside that I will be adding to this list - but for now, I have a slide show for you to at least know where you are going, as you could get dizzy from the amount of choice.

Sometimes my favorite places to eat aren't even restaurants, its the  mom and pop or single mother outside the laundry mat or grocery store selling home made tamales of all different varieties, even strawberry!

The last time I did my laundry I paid two dollars for a big piece of cooked corn that the woman shucked right in front of me, and proceeded to rub a wedge of lime into a bowl of chili powder and then rub it up and down the corn cob into the spaces between the kernals so when I bit into it ~ I got a double packed taste sensation of  sweet but carbohydrate laden corn combined with citrus and spice. Now THAT is a good reason to live in Seaside!

Next? Chinese restaurants in Seaside bring good fortune!


Chef Lee's Mandarin House

2031 Fremont St, Monterey, CA
Tel: (831) 375-9551



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