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Searching for truth about Erin Corwin amidst sealed warrants and witness twists

The mysterious disappearance of now 20-year-old Erin Corwin out of San Bernardino, California, is gaining international attention. Just over one month has passed from the morning Erin Corwin told her husband she was heading out for a walk, and she has not been seen since. Once month later and it appears that law enforcement, her husband and her family are no closer to any answers about the disappearance of Erin than they were the day that she mysteriously disappeared. The Desert Sun is reporting on July 30 that this missing person's case has now made it to the cover of People Magazine. This news comes just one day after CBS reported that new warrants in this case are sealed from public record, and a possible key witness in the case is alleging detectives have twisted her original statements.

Master Cpl. Jonathan Corwin and his wife Erin Corwin
San Bernardino Police Department

For the family that is praying and hoping every day to speak with the pregnant Erin Corwin again, this can not possibly be good news. It is news that strenuously begs the question, will someone please come forward with the truth about the missing horse whisperer we now know as 20-year-old Erin Corwin?

Erin Corwin was last seen on June 28 in San Bernadino, California. At the time she disappeared, she was a pregnant teenager. When Erin left her home located at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms at 7 AM in the morning, she told her husband Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin that she was going to Joshua Tree National Park to find some trails for an upcoming visit with her mother.

According to a warrant previously reported on by the Toronto Relationships Examiner, she told a friend via text message a different story, that she was going to the park with her neighbor Chris Lee to celebrate her pregnancy. Erin has not been seen since. Chris Lee has moved to Alaska after a search warrant was executed on his home and the ranch he frequented, and after he posted bond for what is being reported as an unrelated weapons charge.

The Desert Sun is reporting out of Palm Springs, California on July 30 that the story of the disappearance of Erin Corwin will continue to garner national attention as it will hit the cover of People Magazine this Friday August 1. The Desert Sun reports that due to affidavits released by The Desert Sun to People Magazine, the Sun has received an advanced copy of the Friday issue of People and has revealed details from an interview with an individual that has been very vocal with the media in this missing person's case.

The key person in question is Isabel Megli, owner of the White Rock Horse Rescue center in the Yucca Valley. She knows Erin Corwin very well, as Erin is a volunteer at the center and works with Isabella's horses on a regular basis. Isabel is one of the few people that knows Erin personally that has spoken publicly about this case.

She is also the center of many reports on the case as the White Rock Horse Rescue ranch was the subject of an executed search warrant related to this case as previously reported by the Toronto Relationships Examiner. The Desert Sun is reporting today the question that everybody watching this case is asking, "Did a military love triangle lead to the tragedy?"

The story from People Magazine is reported to reveal a very different relationship between the two couples at the center of this story than has been previously described.

The two couples in question are the first couple, Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin and his now missing and pregnant wife Erin, and their next door neighbors on base. Those neighbors are Christopher Lee and his wife Nicole. The Lee's also have a 7-year-old daughter named Liberty.

The two families reportedly spent very much time together, which contradicts what Christopher Lee initially told police in the first warrant served in this case. In that warrant, detectives stated that Chris Lee first claimed he had not spoken to Erin in two months. Isabel Megli, who worked with both couples at the ranch, says otherwise. She told People Magazine,

"Erin and Nicole had dogs and they went to the dog park together. Jon and Christopher were friends, too. They came out here and took the dune buggy out."

But the happy, loving coupled friendship reportedly began to see a cooling off period around February. Megli told People,

"I would say to Nicole, 'Where's Erin?' and Nicole would say, 'I don't know'. She never said a word."

Isabel also told People Magazine that Erin was a regular at the ranch, and was there every single weekend, but not on the Saturday that Erin went missing.

In the first search warrant executed on this case on July 1, police searched the apartments of both the Corwins and the Lees, and also the Yucca Valley ranch. A total of 10 fired casings .40 caliber were recovered from the Lee's Jeep, but the firearm matching those casings has not been recovered.

Isabel Megli described to People what it is like to have a search warrant executed on your property.

"All of a sudden four cars pull up on the street. SWAT guys came out of everywhere. They wanted to search the property. As they searched, the Lees pulled up in a U-Haul. It must have been devastating for Nichole. All the police were there waiting. It was awful.”

There is no question that search must have been an awful experience for all involved.

It pales in comparison to the ordeal that Jonathan Corwin and the family of Erin Corwin are experiencing right now.

Isabel Megli has spoken very highly of both the Corwins and the Lees to media since the disappearance of Erin Corwin. However can her words be trusted? Some speculation whirling in the court of public opinion is that she may be covering something up.

This speculation has cropped up after recent reports by CBS that statements in a probable cause warrant on this case pointed to Nicole and Chris Lee as suspects in this case are being called into question. Isabel Megli in particular is saying that some of the statements she has been quoted as making in that warrant were "twisted."

The quotes in particular are the quotes that Isabel Megli allegedly made about Nicole Lee, and were quotes detectives noted as statements of interest in their probable cause warrant. The detectives in this warrant served on this case stated that Isabel made the following statements. In a sworn probable cause statement, detectives wrote,

"During that time Isabel made comments that Nicole made statements to Isabel about the detectives having missed something at the residence during the search because the detectives did not search the garage. Nicole also told Isabel that without a body, the detectives did not have a case against them and the detectives would never find the body.

Nicole stated Lee was worried because he did not have an alibi for that time frame. Nicole also berated Lee in front of Isabel about not being able to keep his lies straight when he was interviewed by detectives because he was dumb. She stated she was able to keep her story straight and the detectives did not get any information from her."

It is these statements that Isabel is alleging have been "twisted" according to CBS News.

Who does Isabel think twisted her words, that were transcribed straight out of a warrant that was sworn by lead detectives in the case? The media to date has only ever reported on the facts within that warrant, and the police would have nothing to gain by altering a potential witness statement. So why is Isabel coming forward and saying this?

Some say it could be public relations spin, given that it has now been internationally advertised that her ranch was the subject of a search warrant. On the other hand, others say it could be public relations spin because talking to People is some nice free advertising for the aforementioned ranch.

Does it really matter? Or does it seem odd that, when the family of a missing woman and an unborn child need help, support, and the truth, a woman close to the missing person is worried about how her own narrative is going to spin?

CBS reported yesterday Isabel Megli has spoken very highly of the missing Erin Corwin in a recent telephone interview between CBS and People Magazine. She referred to Erin's nature on the horses specifically, and in the past tense.

"She was very calm, a very calm person on a horse especially."

Isabel Megli also told CBS that she had no idea about the alleged relationship between Erin and Christopher Lee.

“We were not aware of anything that might have been going on personally. She (Erin) would ride her horse on the weekends and they (the Lees) rode their horses during the week. We weren't aware of it (the alleged affair) at all. It was not part of the ranch."

Isabel Megli also told CBS that as far as she knows about the Lees, they left the ranch in their U-Haul on the way to Alaska to reportedly begin a new life, and she hasn't heard anything from or about them since. Christopher Lee had reportedly just been honorably discharged from the Marines at the end of a six-year-contract.

Megli said to CBS in a phone interview that the Lees were "not talking".

"I just know their ultimate goal was to go home. I'm not sure who they're living with because they're not talking, I mean they're not communicating because they're getting their life back together, hopefully."

CBS also asked Isabel about the statements that the detectives made about her in regards to Nicole, and the body, and the alibi, in their sworn affidavit on the case. Megli said,

"I can see how they could pick pieces of what I said, but I'm totally amazed at how they twisted it. Unfortunately, they twisted it a little much. When you find out people are missing, it brings up conversation and it was just conversation about no body, no case. Nicole did not refer to her husband or to this case. It was a generalization of a conversation of CSI, or Law and Order, and (Scott) Peterson."

Does this seem like a believable turn of events? It casts a shadow against the credibility of the ranch owner, with many speculating that she may know more than she claims to know. Isabel Megli also told CBS that she does not believe the Lees have anything to do with the disappearance of Erin Corwin.

This information has come to light since an initial search warrant in this case identifying Megli as a person related to this case, and the Lees as suspects in this case, was released to the public. Law enforcement do not want this information released, because it compromises the integrity of the investigation, and slows down the pace of finding Erin.

This warrant in fact was not supposed to be released to the public, but due to a clerical error that task slipped through the cracks and the public now knows today what is in that warrant.

CBS reported yesterday with the story on Isabel Megli that the detectives on this case have since requested that current and further warrants on the case of the disappearance of Erin Corwin are sealed from the public until Erin has been found. This request was granted by a San Bernardino, California, judge. CBS is reporting there is now a total of 10 warrants on this case, numbered 2014-114 to 2014-124.

Like the mysterious relationships in the case of Justin Ross Harris, do we have someone here saying that police said too much? Key parties of interest have left the state, and the close friend at the ranch says the police twisted her statements. All that the family of that beautiful girl, and her beautiful unborn child want is the truth.

Will that truth be discovered amidst the many mountains of details in those warrants? Or in the ever changing statements of Isabel Megli? Or is the truth somewhere else?

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Office is still stating that they have not ruled out the possibility that Erin Corwin has left voluntarily. While that may true, it is also true that in this day and age it takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of thought to drop off of the grid. It is nearly impossible for it to be true that nobody knows nothing about the disappearance of Erin Corwin.

Somebody knows something. Is it Erin? Or is it someone else?

What do you think? Do you think it is strange that the horse ranch owner has a different story than what was alleged in the warrant? Or do you think maybe Erin left on her own given the "awkward" circumstances?

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