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Searching for the SAPD basketball mystery cop

SAPD mystery police officer plays basketball with boy on break.
SAPD mystery police officer plays basketball with boy on break.

A surprising fifteen-minute encounter of a police officer’s interaction with a young boy went viral on the San Antonio Police Department’s Facebook page. The unsuspecting police officer was caught on video playing basketball with 12-year-old Jacob, as reported by CBS12 News on Mar. 21. His mother filmed the mysterious police officer taking his fifteen-minute break by playing basketball with her son. She posted the photos on the SAPD’s Facebook page yesterday.

Both the mother and son were skeptical when the anonymous police officer stopped to talk to the boy. Their fears were quickly effaced when he explained to Jacob that he had fifteen minutes for break and only wanted to shoot some basketball with the boy. The mother was watching it all through the window.

The actions of this mysterious police officer emit a positive message not only for young Jacob and for other children, but also for the adults.

Jacob said that he ‘bragged’ about the basketball encounter to his school friends and now he wants to find the mysterious police officer to say ‘thank you.’ Jacob also wants a rematch as he lost the game to the officer.

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