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Searching for the Real

searching for the real - inside
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Have you ever wondered why some people are never happy unless they have a cause to fight for, real or imagined? Then there are those who just can’t seem to stick to one job, and are constantly bouncing from job to job. We have all had moments when we feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled, whether with our current employment or our lives in general. Our minds need to be occupied constantly, even if we are only staring mindlessly at the television screen at times. It seems that the human mind is born restless. As soon as we are born, we are always striving to learn and grow, and then spend the rest of our lives constantly searching for something new or different or at the least a change of pace. This innate restlessness is not always a mental condition, but is linked to our mostly unacknowledged search for the reason we exist in this physical world with linear time. From the time we are born until we die, whether we believe it or not, we are searching for the answer to our existence – for the “real answer.
There have been many books and articles written that explore what we consider “reality”. Even the physicists have just about taken their theories as far as they can possibly go without venturing into the “non-physical”. We’ve all been so busy looking for the meaning of life externally that we’ve forgotten to look for the answer in the one place left that has not been explored to the fullest – inside ourselves. Here’s a thought – if the blueprints of life are encoded in our DNA, why wouldn’t the answer to our existence be within as well?
Let’s start a dialogue on the exploration of “inner space”, and see if we can discover the real center of existence. Anyone who would like to send comments on this article is welcome to post them to this link on the website.

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