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Searching for Christians and those of magick

Multiple faith communities are nothing new, but how about faiths or practices that don't exactly line up with each other, and that may cause a good amount of theological debate among the thousands of practicing individuals? What happens when a faith such as Christianity, finds itself living openly among faiths such as Wicca or other faiths containing magickal overtones? Is it possible for there to be a coexisting peace and an understanding? Or, will division and discord ultimately hit the community? Will the attitude seen in the witch hunts and burning times of years before still be present today, or will the spirit of love unite them.

Terre Haute Indiana has many denominations of many different beliefs. In these modern times however, faiths that were once scorned by the christian church, are now beginning to practice out in the open, and are seen working side by side with many church members . Has the face of Christianity changed? Has the love of so many magickal believing people, showed the church that they may have just been wrong in some of their actions in the centuries before? Do these church members realize who they are working with? If they did, would it change their attitude of harmony? If those outside the church can find love and harmony and be willing to work side by side with church members, can the church deny such unity without sacrificing it's character?

I'm going to be investigating this idea over the next few months. I will be interviewing several people of many faiths and practices to see their opinions and their stance on the topic. With each interview I hope to bring a new light and understanding to many. To bring about a new prospective and understanding towards peace among religions and practices. It will be a chance for the silent to be heard and for walls of division and separation to come down.

I urge you, to make your voice heard. Sign up for an online, over the phone, or personal interview with myself.

Contact info: Richard Kent at or on Facebook under Richard A. Kent

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