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Search resumes for missing 7-week-old Aniston Walker: Infant's mother arrested

Investigators searching for a missing 7-week-old Memphis girl now have a suspect in custody – the girl’s mother. Andrea Walker, 33, has been charged in the disappearance of her 7-week-old daughter, Aniston Walker, reports CBS News on Jan. 10.

Memphis Police Dept.
Arrested: Andrea Walker, 33, was charged with two counts a piece of child abuse and neglect.

Aniston Walker was reported missing Thursday morning. An Amber Alert went out Thursday, and for the next day and a half, Memphis police, volunteers and cadaver dogs have been conducting a hard search of nearby homes, yards and ponds.

Thus far, police had little to go on, until Friday.

Walker originally said she left Aniston at home with her 3-year-old son while she drove her 5-year-old son to school. When she returned, only Aniston was gone. Walker said the doors were locked when she came back, and that there was no sign of any forced entry.

However, after questioning Walker for several hours, investigators said her story does not make sense and she is now considered a suspect. Even if she is completely innocent of directly causing her daughter’s disappearance, police have charged her with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of aggravated neglect or endangerment. She is currently jailed on $500,000 bond.

“[Walker] has not been as forthcoming as we wish that she would,” Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said Armstrong said. “Realistically, 7-week-old kids don't mysteriously disappear without some circumstances behind it. If this was a teenage kid, if this was even a small child of school age, obviously our hopes would be high. But again, 7-week-old children do not have the means to just disappear.”

Conflicting stories from Walker and her family about when Aniston was last seen have brought the focus of investigators directly onto the 33-year-old mother of three.

Patrick Kimbrell was among the neighbors who received a knock from Memphis police Thursday afternoon as they searched for baby Aniston.

Kimbrell told "Somebody had to take her, or [there is] some funny business going on. I don't know. They need to find her, because it's too cold. [She needs] to be with the parents or whoever is taking care of her."

Fellow neighbor Zyyeria Green agrees, telling WTOC: "When a baby ain't nothing but seven weeks, you could have took the baby with you ... Most mothers I know take the baby everywhere that they go."

Investigators are asking that anyone with any information contact the Memphis police at 901-545-2677.

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