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Search for evasive 2015 Honda Fit continues in Pacific Northwest

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As first reported Wednesday by Torque News.Com, American Honda Motors will release one or two 2015 Honda Fit Hatchbacks to Pacific Northwest dealerships, beginning Friday 13.

Talk about limited supply, we spoke Wednesday with 2 top volume Oregon Honda dealers. They told us that if you're looking to purchase a 2015 Fit, it’s going to be a short wait.

As emails from San Francisco Bay Honda fans flooded our inbox Wednesday Morning, we were assured by more than one happy 2015 Fit Buyer that the all new Fit was available in Auburn, Berkeley, El-Cerrito and San Francisco, California. As to Eugene and Portland, Oregon? Not yet.

As Wednesdays' Torque News article circulated the world wide web, reader’s forums discussed the finer points of the when and what-if of Honda’s newest arrival. I didn’t have the heart to inform the detractors that the Pacific Northwest doesn’t extend as far south as San Francisco. And, certainly can’t be inclusive of the Auburn foothills of the southeastern Sierra Mountain range.

None the less, it was reassuring to us that the tardy 2015 Honda Fit had been sighted in the Bay Area. Our congratulations to reader Ryan. He bought a Silver EX-L yesterday, we hope to read about his ownership experience soon.

The bottom line: If you want a 2015 Honda Fit, get in line, it will be a few weeks before Honda comes up to production speed in Celaya, Mexico. We’re excited about the totally redesigned Fit. So is Portland, Oregon’s Ron Tonkin Honda. Ron Tonkin is the largest Honda dealership in the Portland Metro Area.With only two 2013 Honda Fits remaining in stock, General Sales Manager Patrick Spencer looks forward to taking delivery of the 2015 Fit.

Here's the hook. According to Patrick, Tonkin will receive only one 2015 Fit on Friday the 13th. The following week they will receive 1 more; a teaser if you will in the world of automotive marketing.

This may (perhaps) be a brilliant move on behalf of American Honda. The most anticipated sub-compact car in Honda history will trickle in one car at a time for the first 2 weeks. After that? who knows, Honda’s not saying.

Today we spoke with our contact at Kendall Auto Group, the 9th largest in the nation and Western Oregon’s largest Honda dealership. Paul doesn't know when they’ll receive their first 2015 Fit. He’s excited about the new car and shares with us that he has no problem selling the Fit in Eugene, Ore. With 18, 2013 Fits in stock, Kendell may be the ticket for those looking for a discount deal on a new Fit.

Once again as stated Tuesday, We believe that the 2015 Fit is being staged by American Honda to dominate the North American sub-compact hatchback segment.

Greater interior space, more power and handling performance and a favorable price-point adds up to an exceptional value in a tech-rich, fun to drive low maintenance and high re-sale residual 5 door Hatch.

We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.



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