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Search for Danielle Locklear reminds some of Kelli Bordeaux disappearance

Nearly 2 years ago, searchers in Fayetteville, North Carolina were out in full force, desperately searching for 23-year-old Army medic Kelli Bordeaux. Now many of the same searchers have turned out to look for 15-year-old Danielle Locklear, who has been missing for 2 weeks.

Danielle Locklear disappeared March 11.  Where is she?

Dannie was said to be walking to a friends' house, but when her grandfather arrived to pick her up, he learned she had never arrived. Some of her clothes were located at a nearby creek, which is a huge concerning factor, but two days of searching brought forth nothing else leading to the missing teen. The same happened in the wooded area near Hope Mills High School, where her cell phone was tracked. Nothing was found.

There are numerous rumors and theories about what could have happened to Dannie. Was she kidnapped? Murdered? Suicidal? Runaway? As of now, no one has come forward to answer these questions, but the young lady remains missing. With very little to go on, will Dannie ever be found?

Kelli hasn't been, and the search for her has continued since her disappearance on April 13, 2012. She was last seen leaving the Froggy Bottoms bar, after accepting a ride to her apartment from sex offender Nick Holbert. A friend received a text message from her in the wee hours of April 14, 2012, saying that she had arrived home and was "drunk and tired" but there's no proof that Kelli was actually the one to send that message, as the manager of her apartment complex says it looked like she never came home.

Where are Kelli Bordeaux and Danielle Locklear? Other than proximity, are there any connections between the disappearances? Hopefully both woman will turn up and be returned to their families, though everyone must admit it's looking pretty grim. Just a year after her disappearance, Kelli was declared legally dead, so that her military benefits could be transferred to her family, but they still refuse to believe that she won't come back home. "It's just that we're never going to give up. We're going to continue searching until there's some kind of an answer," said Kelli's brother, Matt Henson.

Will either family ever get answers? Where are these young woman? They join an ever-growing list of North Carolina's missing people. Will there be answers for any of the families?

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