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Search Engine Optimization: In brief and straight

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Why they didn't get top? Sometime, good and attractive website having good quality content and information, is not at top searches. Do you know the reason behind that? Do you know about the strategy and rules of search engine behind showing their search result?

SEO Process
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Let me clear your all doubts regarding this matter. Behind all your questions, there is one strategy works efficiently called Search Engine Optimization. Yeah, it is also called as SEO. Now first of all know about SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is web marketing strategy, that get traffic to your website and lead your website to the top in the search result of targeted keywords. It makes your website more search engine friendly so they can easily understand and analyze your website.

For analyzing and indexing, each search engine has their own robot, that crawls your website and generate reports. This robot is also known as 'crawler','spider'. But, it is kind of software that check the website and create indexes.

Each search engine works different and same shows different search result. Sometimes, it happens that in one search engine your site is at a higher rank and the same time in another search engine do not. So its totally depends on the techniques they use to allocate rank.

Process of SEO :

To create a perfect SEO strategy for your website, some process you have to follow are these :

  • Analysis of Website : Make a proper analysis of your website. Check meta-tags, URL, web page content, h1 tags, HTML codes, image stuffing, site map, robot.txt etc. If any criteria are not satisfied then make proper changes before starting optimization.
  • Website Design : Go through the design of your site. Make sure that template, theme or css is properly implemented and match your site. Images are properly placed or not. If found any mistake, then make changes.
  • Website Promotion : If you have already promoted your site then get all data about that. And if not then prepare a strategy to promote your site and implement them efficiently.

These will help you to make effective strategy to optimize your website. It is a vital way that leads your website on top with high rank. Because a well optimized site will automatically attract visitor and stand in high position in targeted search engine.

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