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Search continues for Danielle Locklear

Danielle has been missing since March 11.  Where is she?
Danielle has been missing since March 11. Where is she?

Danielle Locklear, 15, is still missing from Hope Mills, North Carolina. She was last seen on March 11, when she told her grandfather she was going to a friends' house. When he went to pick her up, she wasn't there and hadn't arrived. Some articles of clothing belonging to the teen were found near a creek in the area, but nothing else was located after a search.

Dannie's friends and family say it would be completely out of character for her to run away, saying that she is a very good student and doesn't behave irresponsibly. Her Facebook page seems to back that up, showing many videos of classes and her being a teen with her friends. Just before Christmas, she apparently thought she wasn't getting enough attention from her boyfriend and changed her relationship status to "complicated."

The FBI is now involved in the search for Dannie, which also includes the Myrtle Beach area, due to believed ties to her there. Will they be able to bring forward any additional information?

Is Dannie missing on her own, or has something terrible happened to her? It's becoming pretty common place for teens to just run away, but most of them return within a week. With her disappearance coming up on 2 weeks, there is definitely reason to be concerned, especially considering her young age. Teenagers are not known for their good decision making, which means they are generally easier targets than older people. Even if she did take off on her own, something bad could have befallen her after that.

Hopefully some new information is brought to attention that will lead to Dannie's whereabouts. She is too young to be out wondering the world by herself. She is biracial, standing 5'1" and weighs around 150 pounds, with black hair and green eyes. If you have any information about her disappearance, please contact the Hope Mills Police Department at (910) 425-4103 or Crimestoppers at (910) 483-TIPS (8477). You can also contact your own local police department with any information.

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