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Search called off for 7 week old Aniston Walker: Baby feared dead

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The 7 week old missing infant from Tennessee has not been found, and the search has been called off. Investigators fear that the child is either gravely injured or dead. Cadaver dogs and police have searched diligently for Aniston, but they have no new leads as to the whereabouts of the child.

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Andrea Walker is the 33 year old mother of Aniston Walker. She is currently incarcerated after leaving the 7 week old alone with her 3 year old son to take an older child to school. She reports that the child was missing when she returned home, but there was no signs of a break in.

Family members with access to the house were interviewed. The baby was not reported missing immediately upon Walkers arrival back to the home.

It was not the mother, but Aniston's father who reported baby Aniston missing after getting the phone call from Andrea Walker about the missing infant. She left her 3 year old alone again to "go looking for the baby."

Walker was charged with two counts of neglect and 2 counts of abuse.

Toney Armstrong, Memphis Police Director said, "she is a suspect in the disappearance."

Armstrong went on to say, "Realistically, 7-week-old kids don't mysteriously disappear without some circumstances behind it; If this was a teenage kid, if this was even a small child of school age, obviously our hopes would be high. But again, 7-week-old children to not have the means to just disappear."

Sgt. J.K. Smith noted in an affidavit after several hours of observation, "Based on his experience and the age of the child that is missing, affiant has probable cause to believe the child has sustained seriously bodily injury."

Walkers other two children are with relatives at this time. Walker is currently incarcerated, but she is being non-compliant with authorities concerning the whereabouts of her baby.

It is believed that the mother was the last to see the infant and that she does know something that she is not telling police.

The search was called of because, according to reports, "police have made an exhaustive search of where the child could be and have no other obvious places to look for her.”