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Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue dogs fill a place in our society which is unlike any other. Humans can develop information, they can add too or delete information as more facts come in, and of course, there are some who may have intuitive insight as to the whereabouts of a person; however only the well trained Search and Rescue Dogs (SARs) are able to put feet on the ground, in the water or over a mountain to look for a person by scent. Many times we hear of the work they do and think that is wonderful, but give little thought to the hours of training and human time spent learning right alongside them.

These dogs are highly qualified professionals. Spending many months learning to not be distracted by other stimulus, such as people wanting to pet them or give them food; when at work they will stay at work until the job is completed or there is a particular release command by their handler. They are paid for their dedication and hard work with a toy to fetch or a “Good Job” and a release from their handler.

Our communities call them in to work when emotions are high and hearts are fragile. They jog in right alongside, Emergency Personnel from medical, law enforcement and fire. When they come in to help with a case, the humans on the sidelines are grateful and caring; but once the job is done no matter what the outcome, we give little thought to the service they have provided. And they (human and dog) come in to help each time they are called with no expectation of for compensation of any kind.

It is the compensation which brings us to this article. There are SARs Teams in almost any community and they can be located by looking them up in the local library, calling the office telephone number of local law and enforcement during Monday thru Friday (business hours) or the local Humane Society. Should there be a desire for donation to their worthwhile organization call and see what they need and help out that way. Should we ever need these services they are there for us. This group works with the military for search and rescue exercises and is a county group located in Seattle, Washington. There are groups across the country and in Mexico and Canada. Other countries have this organization as well; each has the same ability that is to help locate and bring home a lost or sick person.

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