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Sean Murray recalls discovering a new planet, that's what No Man's Sky is about

What do you think about No Man's Sky?
What do you think about No Man's Sky?
Permission to use photo given by Hello Games

For a game that's still relatively unknown for many of its specific features, No Man's Sky is remarkably interesting and popular among gamers. Coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year, No Man's Sky will focus on discovery and a unique game experience like never before.

Being able to discover and experience a planet that has never been seen by other players is profound. It also goes without saying that it's the definition of innovative, if this turns out to be true. Hello Games' Managing Director Sean Murray spoke about one of his favorite moments he experienced while playing No Man's Sky.

"My favorite moment so far from making No Man’s Sky happened a few months back. David was adding four-legged creatures to the game (he insists on calling them ungulates), Hazel was adding a weather system, and Ryan was adding collision to all the trees (which is really hard when you have a whole forest full of them).

"I hadn’t seen any of this, and I was flying around the universe, trying to take some screenshots. I neared the surface of a planet and suddenly it started to rain. As I was touching down I scared some deer who broke through the woods, dodging in and out of trees.

"Now this was jaw-dropping to me, because I’ve never seen any of these systems before, but also it felt like this was a real place I’d discovered. No one had been there before, and I didn’t know whether to shout excitedly, or just keep it to myself," Murray said.

What seems awesome about No Man's Sky is different people will find different aspects of the game intriguing or special. While Murray might find the discovery element of the game fantastic, another person might find the combat to be thrilling and the best part of No Man's Sky. That's one of the great things about games in general, really. One person's discovery is another person's highlight of the game. Murray really does seem to do a great job of capturing the spirit of the game.

No Man's Sky still has a lot of the game that needs to be explained to people, but with what has been shown off so far, there's as much hype surrounding it as any other game out there today. Murray said the discovering he described above, is why No Man's Sky is special to him.

"In a nutshell, moments like that are No Man’s Sky for me. Sure there is trading, combat, weapons, ships, and a core game, but really for me the quiet moments of discovery are what it’s all about," Murray said.

We do not have a release date for No Man's Sky quite yet, but we'll find out soon enough. It should be dropping on the PS4 sometime next year.

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