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Sean Lowe feels like Juan Pablo should share news with fans

Sean and Catherine
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Sean Lowe isn't happy about the way that Juan Pablo Galavis is handling himself since "The Bachelor" 2014 ended. On March 12, US Magazine shared what Sean had to say about it. He feels like JP should understand he needs to share more with his fans.

Sean is okay with Juan Pablo not proposing if he doesn't feel ready. He said, "My take on last night: I commend JP on not proposing if he isn't ready. And he certainly shouldn't feel pressured to say 'I love you.'" Sean goes on to explain that when you take on this job part if it sharing with the network and fans updates about your relationship. He explains that if you don't want that part of it then you shouldn't be on the show.

At this time, Juan Pablo Galvis and Nikki Ferrell are still together. They aren't speaking out though about anything going on really. They are talking a bit on Twitter, but only saying what they want and not helping out ABC at all. They didn't go on any talk shows either. Fans are hoping they continue to share some updates on social networks.

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