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Sean Kanan returns to 'The Bold and the Beautiful': Bradley Bell talks big move

Sean Kanan returns to 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

AJ Quartermaine is dead on “General Hospital,” but Deacon Sharpe is headed back to “The Bold and Beautiful.” On April 2, Fox 6 chatted with Bradley Bell to talk about what transpired to bring Sean Kanan back to “B&B” after he decided to depart "GH."

Bell shares that he had actually wanted Kanan back on "B&B" for some time, but until recently Sean was tied up in a lengthy contract with “General Hospital.” Kanan has admitted that he was unhappy with how his character was handled in his "GH" return, which led to a not-so-friendly split from the show. Bell was happy to scoop the actor back up.

What can fans expect from Deacon upon his return? “The Bold and Beautiful” viewers will see that Sharpe has been traveling and trying to get something going, but he heads back to the fold under the excuse that he misses his daughter Hope. However, that doesn't mean he's turned into a good guy.

Fans will see Deacon doing some great scenes with the character of Quinn. Bell jokes that despite troublemakers Bill and Quinn being front and center right now, there's always room for one more. Bell also teases that there could be the possibility of romance ahead for Deacon and Quinn. It's not a guaranteed event ahead, but it does sound like it's a possibility. Bell made it clear he would love to have Melody Thomas Scott, who plays Nikki on “The Young & the Restless,” head over to “B&B” to get down and dirty with Deacon again.

Are you excited to hear that Sean Kanan is headed back to “The Bold and Beautiful” as Deacon Sharpe? There's a bit of a wait ahead yet, but come June 13 Kanan is back and fans can't wait.

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