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Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert


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    Sean Hannity, a well known conservative commentator and journalist, hosts a nightly show on Fox News and a three hour daily talk radio show. He hammers away on the conservative view of the world facing off with journalist, senators, and liberal contributors.  In 2003 Hannity established the Freedom Concert to benefit Oliver North's Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund for the children of soldiers killed or disabled in action.  The Freedom Concert tour wraps up this weekend in Atlanta.  With each concert selling out, Hannity has hit a homerun for the college fund. The line up makes Nashville proud with singers including Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Daniel, Lee Greenwood and Michael W. Smith.
    One criticism, where are the ladies?  Was there really not one nationally known female singer that could have sang the National Anthem?  Hummm.  Sean great cause, wonderful work, hope you include a female vocalist in the 2010 line-up.

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