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Seahawks top final 2013 NFL power rankings

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks were clearly the NFL's best team in 2013.
Russell Wilson and the Seahawks were clearly the NFL's best team in 2013.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

1. Seattle Seahawks - A dominant Super Bowl performance leaves no doubt that the Seahawks are the NFL's best team in 2013.

2. Denver Broncos - Seattle's defense was just a really bad matchup for Peyton Manning, and things just snowballed from there.

3. San Francisco 49ers - For Jim Harbaugh, it must be agonizing to make it to three straight NFC championship games and still not have a Super Bowl ring. The past three playoff losses have all been to the eventual Super Bowl champion.

4. New England Patriots - The Patriots didn't put up much of a fight in Denver. Given the injuries and Aaron Hernandez situation, this might be Bill Belichick's best coaching job yet.

5. Carolina Panthers - This is a young team with a very bright future that just needs to get Cam Newton some more help.

6. New Orleans Saints - The Saints won a road playoff game in a cold environment, which is certainly a big step forward. Sean Payton is a difference-maker.

7. Philadelphia Eagles - Chip Kelly's first season was a huge success. Can he build on it into his second year as head coach?

8. Kansas City Chiefs - Lost in yet another ugly playoff performance was the fact that the Chiefs had a terrific year.

9. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck will be thrilled to see Reggie Wayne back in a Colts uniform.

10. Arizona Cardinals - If only the Cardinals could find a franchise quarterback.......

11. San Diego Chargers - The Chargers showed a toughness that they've lacked for a few years.

12. Cincinnati Bengals - Andy Dalton is still a big question mark and the team lost both of its coordinators to head coaching jobs.

13. Dallas Cowboys - It's still a circus in Dallas, where Jerry Jones seems more concerned about making headlines than winning Super Bowls.

14. Chicago Bears - Jay Cutler is locked up long-term, but the Bears really need to load up on the defensive side of the ball.

15. Green Bay Packers - If the Packers can make some defensive additions and keep Aaron Rodgers healthy, they look like the favorite once again in the NFC North.

16. Baltimore Ravens - Bringing in Gary Kubiak is the type of power move that can transform the Baltimore running game and the offense as a whole.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers turned things around a bit in the second half, but they still have a lot of problems and are now just another year older.

18. Miami Dolphins - With a tumultous season over, it will be interesting to see what happens with Jonathan Martin.

19. Detroit Lions - The Lions changed head coaches, but is Jim Caldwell the type of guy that can instill the discipline necessary to help Detroit reach its full potential?

20. Tennessee Titans - Mike Munchak refused to make changes on his staff, so he was shown the door. Is Jake Locker the answer and can he stay healthy?

21. New York Giants - It will be interesting to see if the Giants bring back Hakeem Nicks. He was in Tom Coughlin's doghouse, but the constant injuries and lack of production might mean little interest on the open market.

22. St. Louis Rams - The Rams are still trying to figure out if Sam Bradford is their guy, and there are plenty of other holes on the offensive side of the ball.

23. New York Jets - Rex Ryan received a contract extension that he more than earned. An 8-8 record with that offense is a minor miracle.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Greg Schiano got the boot despite the way his team played in the second half of the season.

25. Buffalo Bills - If E.J. Manuel can stay healthy and take a step forward, the Bills could be the top challenger to the Patriots in the AFC East.

26. Cleveland Browns - The Browns have some talent, but the fact that the organization seems to be in constant disarray meant little interest in their head coaching vacancy.

27. Oakland Raiders - Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor are unlikely the answer at quarterback, leaving the Raiders looking for one in the draft.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars -Will the Jaguars draft a new franchise quarterback or stick with what they have?

29. Minnesota Vikings - It's hard to blame Leslie Frazier for the mess he had to deal with in Minnesota.

30. Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons need to get Matt Ryan some help in the offseason.

31. Washington Redskins - Jay Gruden was a bland hiring. Maybe someone should put a tub of vanilla ice cream on Dan Snyder's desk.

32. Houston Texans - Bill O' Brien is the next coach of the Houston Texans, but the bigger question is if they will take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick.

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